Fire Department Uniforms 400x300 1 - A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Fire Department Uniforms

A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Fire Department Uniforms

Firefighters are famous for the trucks that they drive. As they race to a scene to save lives and property, people see the red fire truck as an exciting symbol of this vital service.

But amongst firefighters, it’s their fire department uniforms—and their shoulder patches—that fill them with pride. So keep reading this fun and quick guide to firefighters and their patches!

Class A and B Fire Department Uniforms

The National Fire Protection Association mandates flame-resistant clothing worn by all fire fighters at work. Firemen (and ladies in the fire service!) also wear uniforms in two categories: Class A and Class B.

Class A Fire Squad Uniforms

Class A is the dress uniform worn by a fire department during formal events like award ceremonies, funerals, weddings, and other special occasions.

Fire department Class A uniforms feature regulation caps, dress trousers with approved buckle, dress shirts with award ribbons, emblems of rank, badges, and name tags.

Fire Department Uniforms

Class B Fire Squad Uniforms

Class B are tactical fire squad uniforms worn by firefighters at work. Fire department apparel includes PPE (personal protective equipment) like pants, boots, and that unmistakable fire hat. Another notable thing you’ll see firemen wear are their patches.

What Do Fire Fighter’s Patches Mean?

Every fire department has an official patch. However, people might not know that the patch worn by a fire squad is usually unique and significant.

A fire department patch must follow these rules to be official on a uniform: all firefighters displaying a patch on their shirt or coat must have it sewn on the left sleeve. The patch must also be no more than an inch below the seam on the shoulder.

A fire department patch may feature the city or town’s geography where the firefighters live and work. Other patches are designed to show the life-saving emergency jobs that firefighters do.

Fire Department Patches by Design

Fire fighters love to adorn their uniforms with specially designed patches for their fire department. As a result, people all over the world have started collecting fire department patches too. There’s even a Guinness world record for the most firefighters’ patches collected–over 8,000!

When you visit a fire department almost anywhere, you’ll probably see a collection of fire department patches. While it might just seem like memorabilia, firefighters view the exchanging of patches as a display of their brotherhood.

Custom embroiderers design stunning patches for firefighters’ uniforms. They take the firefighters’ vision and create the highest-quality patches that are one-of-a-kind. See here for some of the best examples of custom fire department patches.

Designs for Everyone

You may work in the fire service, or maybe you have a child who dreams of joining the firefighters one day. Patches are a beautiful and memorable way to honor the essential work of the fire service.

See for yourself how unique and special patches are on fire department uniforms. It’s fun to hear the stories behind these patches, and it’s heartwarming too. You’ll discover something new and wonderful about firefighters and their uniforms every time!

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