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July 10, 2021

Know All About Fashion Nova for Men

 Fashion is a subject that has attracted maximum energy and capital from humans, particularly in the 21st century. No doubt, fashion trends have always prevailed in the entire world. As of today, clothing, shoes, and accessories have taken a considerable space in our lives. This trend has led to the shift of everyday attire to a modern high-end one, fabricated with lavish add-ons.

Keeping in view this cult and field of interest of the masses, new brands are hitting the market with each sunrise. Sometimes, these brands invest their entire focus in providing an eye-pleasing look to their collections, ignoring the quality factor entirely. One of such brands is Fashion Nova Men. This brand aspires to provide modish accessories such as high-waisted jeans and club tops at a reasonable price range. The majority of its stocks are synthesized in Los Angeles.

This write-up explains all the pros and cons in detail so you can make a better choice.

What is Men Fashion Nova?

Fashion Nova is an American fashion retail company founded in 2006 to provide its services to individual shoppers as well as fashion stores. Currently, it serves both men and women. Initially, it used to cater to women only, but with the increase in its popularity, Richard Saghian: its Chief Executive Officer, decided to expand the scope of the business. In this way, Men Fashion Nova came into being. The popularity of a brand is based on the traffic that it drives and insights. Fashion Nova is a high-end fashion supplier company that gains its popularity from high-grade social media appearance and digital marketing.


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Pros of Fashion Nova Men

1)  Top-trending Clothing

Fashion Nova Men is not only modern in its choice of accessories but it also has an ultra-advanced technical approach. It markets through social media to learn individual needs and comes up with top-trending items that fashion freaks are looking for. Be it quirky, classical, contemporary, or ultra-modern Men Fashion Nova has it on the plate. For example sweatshirts, tees, shorts, pants, half-sleeved crew neck shirts, sunglasses, or Denim jackets, all the legendary collection can be found at this one-shop stop.

2)  Textural Variation

Ranging from cotton to silk, a lot of material variants are there at Fashion Nova for men. One may choose as per one’s choice like rough textured clothes, smooth-textured clothes or boots, etc.

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3)  Wide range of Colors

The human eye is attracted to attractive colors, color variations, and powerful combinations of different hues that present an overall perfect look. This fact of human psychology is better understood by the Men Fashion Nova.

4)  All Sizes are available

At Fashion Nova Men, no matter what design you like, all sizes are available ranging from small to XXXL so you can shop it straight away.

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5)  Free shipping above $75 shopping

Fashion Nova for men offers free shipping on orders above 75 dollars. This is valid for Canada and the USA only.

6)  Reasonable Pricing

Men Fashion Nova is best known for its reasonable price range. You can buy anything ranging from $1 to $100 which makes it an exceptional brand.

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Cons of Fashion Nova Men

Now that all the benefits of this brand have been narrated in detail, it’s time to consider its drawbacks. Taking into account the reviews of people posted on various platforms and trying some of the men’s attire purchased from fashion nova, we have come up with a bunch of potential harms that you are more likely to face if you shop from this brand.

1) Quality Sucks

It is no less than some delight to get your hands on colorful clothes exhibiting intricate patterns. What if you find that their quality is pathetic like next to garbage when you finally hold them for the first time in your hands? That’s the point. An attractive appearance might be eye candy but in the long run, it is not worth it to lose bucks over something that is not reliable enough.

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2) No check for Environmental Safety

The awareness campaigns have enabled people to think critically when it comes to the safety of their mother Nature, environment, and overall ecosystem. No doubt, what we eat and what we wear have a strong impact on what our surroundings look like. Everyone has the basic right to know what is the material composition of the item he is going to purchase. Unfortunately, fashion nova for men fails to address the accurate manufacturing process of the accessories, whether they are eco-friendly and biodegradable or not. This is providing limitless hate to the brand by the common man and environmental safety activists.

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3) Sizes run shorter

It has been reported by hundreds of people who shopped at Fashion Nova Men that their sizes run smaller and the fabric shrinks after each wash. It shows the quality of fabric that they are working on. It’s funny what you bought for yourself will fit your little brother after a wash.

4) Deletes Bad Reviews

Fashion Nova for men is notorious for removing all the bad comments posted by their customers on the platform. Whether it is their official eCommerce website or social media pages, negative reviews of people are always filtered. In this way, they try to act all clean after dispatching poor quality products to customers. It shows that not only are they not willing to raise the standard of their products but they are also depriving customers of their freedom of opinion.

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5) No Cash Returns

Most of the customers who purchase from the Fashion Nova Men company are not satisfied with the product’s quality. When they apply for returns, they are unable to receive it in the form of cash but E-Gift card code.

6) Irresponsible Customer Support Service

The customer care service of Fashion Nova Men is not good at all. Neither it is responsive nor does it pay attention to customer feedback.


Keeping in view all the above factors related to the Fashion Nova Men as a brand, we can conclude that it yields merely caricatures. If you are interested in enjoying a one-time glam, you can purchase a luxurious piece from this brand. For sustainability and quality assurance, you better overlook this fashion supplier.


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