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August 5, 2021

Top AWS Applications And Use Cases In Real World

What is AWS Cloud?

There can be no doubt that AWS (Amazon web services) offers varieties of applications for the real world. These applications are distributed into networking, content delivery, identity compliance, migration, storage, database, compute management tools, security, and more. Moreover, it’s become quite impossible to say which application has become the most used application for the year.

AWS is universally acceptable, it’s become necessary to find out the top 10 AWS applications to use and which companies are already using them. For knowing this, let’s move on to read the article given below. 

what is cloud computing

Top 10 AWS applications:

1- Storage and backup 

Any company operating with cloud computing technology should need to have storage and backup. AWS provides a storage and backup solution with its service of Amazon simple storage service for storing big data and for taking the backup of the same data provided. In today’s world, McDonald’s is utilizing AWS storage and backup applications for storing more than 20000 orders per second. 


2- Big data

Many companies are nowadays facing big data problems. Because they are storing the data with traditional methods, but with AWS storing big data facilities, they can even store the data if they exceed out of the storage because AWS gives virtually unlimited data storage for scaling in and out options. In the current generation, Expedia, the online travel agency, uses big data facilities from AWS to store their big customer’s data more effectively and efficiently. 


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3- Enterprise IT

Using AWS in any IT company proves to be very beneficial for them. AWS provides solutions like secure storage, flexibility, and elasticity support to IT companies for making their business profitable. One such renowned software or IT company, Samsung, uses AWS application of enterprise IT for setting up the apps in their stacks. 

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4- Social networking

Digital marketing is the key for any business to grow exponentially well; social networking is the basic need. With AWS, companies can connect with their customers and stakeholders to establish communication between social networking sites. The biggest social networking platform, Facebook, uses AWS’s Amazon elastic compute cloud, storage, and other services for making the users easily operate the platform. 


5- Mobile applications

Mobile apps have become a necessity that everyone opens up on their smartphone regularly. AWS facilitates creating the application in the programming language as desired by the people with the best compute, storage, database, and other services. NASA (national aeronautics and space administration) wants to showcase their achievements to people, hence utilizing various services of AWS to solve the problem. 


6- Websites 

With AWS, the problem of the creation of websites for customers has come to an end with its services like Amazon light sail. It includes virtual machines, SSD-based storage, data transfer, DNS management, and Static IP for launching the website in the way customers crave for. AWS has helped out Adobe, the platform for designing, video editing, web development, and photography for providing a user-friendly experience. 

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7- Gaming

By combining Amazon EC2 and SE services, AWS has served many gaming platforms and studios. It helps in delivering the most sought and high-quality gaming experience to their customers. Many gaming platforms and entertainment platforms like Netflix had utilized the service of AWS for making the movie and web watching experience smoother and high quality. 


8- Infrastructure 

For providing a user-friendly infrastructure, AWS has come up with its Relational database services. After utilizing this service, companies can create dedicated databases within some time. While these can support database engines like SQL Server, SQL, PostgreSQL, etc. For providing a user-friendly and helpful infrastructure, Airbnb has come up with AWS services. When this company was unable to grab more customers on its platform, it started using AWS. 


9- Computing

To provide a better computing system, AWS introduces EC2, which provides scalable computing capacity. Those companies who use AWS EC2 can improve and deploy the applications quickly at the lowest costs. Novartis, the world’s largest healthcare company, take AWS EC2 services for helping their patients and for enforcing new solutions and technologies to the patients. 


10- Notifications

By using the services of AWS SNS, companies can manage their notification and messages from clients and customers through the virtual cloud method. Here the publisher produces and sends the message to the subscribers from the communication channels. The biggest industrial bank in Spain, Bankinter, has started using AWS for providing information regarding accounts offered smoothly to the customers. 


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From the above article, it can be said that AWS service is everywhere, and almost every company on this planet is utilizing the service from AWS for better working. You can learn AWS Cloud at AWS Training in Pune at 3RI Technologies.


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