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July 26, 2021

Ways Predictive Analytics Can Increase Your Organization’s Productivity

Predictive analytics have their own importance in an organization. However, organizations do not utilize it to its full potential. Data is the key to the growth of organizations, but one needs to understand how they can use it!   

We are living in a technology driven society & data analytics can change the whole scenario, organizations can make informed decisions. But as we said above organizations do not use data to its potential. According to the Bain & Company, “We survey executives at more than 400 companies around the world, most with revenues of more than $1 billion & only 4 percent of the companies are good at analytics”.  

What are predictive analytics?  

Predictive analytics are helpful to businesses as they can provide a complete picture of asset performance, asset life, asset maintenance, asset expenses, inventory expenses, and so on.  

Predictive analytics as the name suggests it helps in predicting with analytics assistance. For this purpose, several techniques are used such as machine learning, historical data, statistics. With these techniques, you can find a pattern that can assist in identifying risk or minimize expenses or you can find other opportunities for the future.   

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Data analyzing can be really fruitful for your business if you apply the right techniques and interpret data in the right way. According to Investopedia, “This allows businesses and investors to adjust where they use their resources to take advantage of possible future events. Predictive analysis can also be used to improve operational efficiencies and reduce risk.” 

How predictive analytics are helpful in organizational growth?   

Predictive Analytics Can Increase Your Productivity

Predictive analytics is one of the important tools for the marketing and promotional department.  

Minimizing & identifying risk 

When you have data you can analyze data and look for a pattern that is not regular. For instance, you can check credit scores through which you can know a lot about customers. You can also know a lot about customer habits with the credit card score. When you have crucial information, it can identify and minimize risk. In the same way, return on investment (ROI) can be calculated by inspecting historical records of machines and equipment.   


With the data, you can get an estimation about how long the machine and equipment will work effectively and when it will need maintenance. So that you can plan accordingly. When you have assets and pieces of equipment in abundance it gets hectic to estimate the life of each piece of equipment. Predictive analytics helps in boosting the productivity of the equipment when equipment productivity increases organization’s productivity automatically increases.  

Marketing and promotion 

Data lets you know customer’s interests. You can understand the behavior with the pattern. You can know the response of customers as per your offers! Prescient models assist organizations in attracting more business, hold and develop their most profitable clients. You can do marketing and promotion by filtering data as per age, gender, profession. It is one of the most effective ways through which an organization can grow.  

Detecting frauds 

Every year lots of businesses suffer from losses due to scams and frauds. Data can be very effective in order to detect suspicious activity. Consolidating different investigation strategies can further develop design locations and forestall criminal conduct. As online protection turns into a developing concern, superior conduct investigation analyzes all activities on an organization progressively to spot anomalies that may demonstrate misrepresentation, zero-day weaknesses, and progressed tenacious dangers.  

Further developing activities 

Numerous organizations utilize prescient models to estimate stock and oversee assets. Aircraft utilize prescient examination to set ticket costs. Lodgings attempt to foresee the number of visitors for some random night to expand inhabitance and increment income. Prescient examination empowers associations to work all the more productively. 


Data analytics has the potential to grow your business and take your business to a whole new level. It makes organizations more attentive, proactive, and anticipate the result. You can get an idea of the outcome. With data analytics, you can set goals for the next upcoming year, improve performance you can also know where you have spent your money and what result has been achieved. Similarly, you can know where you need to invest more in order to grow your business.  

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Data analytics can be helpful in improving asset performance. Organizations can use asset management software which is very helpful in increasing the productivity of equipment and organization as well. This software provides accurate data and analytics such as reports, statistics related to your daily operations. It can be very beneficial for the organization. You can use data everywhere in the organization from product promotion to equipment maintenance, from managing asset life to growing business.  

It is high time for organizations to extract value from the data. These days competition is tough between organizations and analytics can give you the extra edge that you were looking for. 


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