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September 22, 2023

Why Businesses Should Consider Video Animation

In a world of competitive business practices, only business owners who know how to command attention from a targeted audience (and keep it that way for long) can enjoy undisputed success.

Think about it – would you rather interact more with a business that communicates using enticing imagery and charming video content, or watch a long video of a boring product promoter who seems not to have the slightest idea of what the product or service does?

Video animation makes the first case possible, with great ease. In this article, we are looking at reasons why you should use it for your business:


1. Animated video is… Simply engaging

It seems queer that even the most basic animation videos keep you glued to the screen like someone has cast a spell on you. Before you know it, you’ve spent a couple of minutes or even hours watching childhood cartoons that make you reminisce about the good old days when you didn’t do much aside from eating, playing, and sleeping.

That’s how animated videos for marketing work. The clever combination of color and motion can break the monotony that is typical of live-action videos. By leveraging top-notch animation services like those offered by The Sketch Effect, you can communicate to your audience more interestingly rather than using text or live-action content.

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2. It’s cheaper to create animated videos

Live-action brand promotion videos can still be impactful, as long as they are created exceptionally. However, making such videos engaging enough requires a big budget (something that SMEs lack).

Animated videos are a better option where monetary considerations come in. Firstly, they won’t require a huge crew, expensive equipment, money for travel, and payments for certain locations. And not only are they cheaper to create, but you can also make changes without having to create another big budget.


3. It’s easier to update animated videos

It’d be correct to say that animated videos are scalable. That’s because they can easily adapt to the changing structure or needs of your business.

For example, if your business launched a series of products a year ago and now you’ve updated the series, you can easily adapt your animated videos to reflect the changes. In most cases, you’d only need to make a few changes, and even if you have to redo the video, not much effort would be required – the same can’t be said about live-action videos.


4. The characters are trustworthy

The moment you use a video to promote your business, the characters in it automatically become associated with your brand. If, for example, you’ve hired an actor for a live-action video but then they do something distasteful afterward, the negative publicity will have an impact on your business (there are lots of real-life cases about this).

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Animated videos, on the other hand, use characters that don’t have real life and thus aren’t subject to negative publicity. Therefore, once you do it right the first time, the characters will create a positive recognition that your audience can trust for a very long time.


5. You can be as creative as you wish

In the world of animation, the only limitation to creativity is the vastness (or the lack of it) of your imagination. You have so much freedom as to what you can create with video animation.

Want to create an animated video with characters using your innovative product to endure Mars’ hostility? – Easy. Trying to create a video that shows how your product could be useful if an alien invasion ever happened? – Doable.

Try the same with live-action and you’ll quickly realize how limited the use cases are.


To sum everything up,

Video animation is, in every way, rewarding to a business’s marketing efforts, especially when it’s done perfectly. There’s so much flexibility to enjoy, and custom benefits depending on the nature of your business.

By engaging animation experts from The Sketch Effect, you can create bespoke animated videos that will turn up your marketing a couple of levels up so you can boldly face your competition.

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