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January 18, 2021

7 Reasons Why People Want to Relocate to Florida

While Florida is a well-known vacation destination, it is quickly becoming one of the top relocation spots in the United States. HireAHelper, an online marketplace for moving companies, reports that one in every eight out-of-state moves heads to the Sunshine State.

Featuring beautiful beaches, delectable foods, and a booming local economy, Florida has plenty to offer to tourists and residents alike. If you’re considering moving out of your current place of residence, here are some of the top reasons why living in a new home in Florida could be the best option for you.

Sunny Weather

Florida is called the Sunshine State for a reason. Located in the southeastern corner of the country near the equator, Florida boasts more than 200 days of sunny weather each year. Even during winter, Florida is still significantly warmer than other states, with temperatures ranging between the 60s and 70s.

The warm climate in Florida comes with a lot of perks. Not only does this mean more opportunities for outdoor activities, but it also means that plants and produce are bountiful in the area as well. While the summers are notoriously humid and hot, the number of sunny days beats the harsh winters of other states.

Beaches, Amusement Parks, and Tourist Attractions

One of the best things about living in Florida is its proximity to beautiful tourist spots. Say goodbye to traveling long distances for a vacation. Florida boasts more than 600 miles of coastal land and several beautiful beaches, including Sarasota’s Siesta Public Beach, Clearwater Beach, and Pensacola Beach.

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The Sunshine State is also home to plenty of other attractions, such as amusement parks, Walt Disney World, and Universal Studios. Additionally, residents have access to special discounts and bargains during the seasons when tourism slows down.

Relocate to Florida Beaches

Affordable Housing Costs

While sunny weather and beautiful attractions attract people to Florida, it’s the affordability that makes people stay. With so many homes and complexes under construction in the area, you can land great deals for an affordable price. Of course, some areas in Florida are comparatively cheaper to live in than others. According to MarketWatch, some of the most affordable places to live in Florida are Kissimmee, Palm Coast, Cape Coral, Palm Bay, and Orlando.

No State Income Tax

A key motivator for people seeking to relocate to Florida is the lack of income tax. Florida is one of the seven states in the U.S. that does not collect state income taxes from its residents. Moreover, since it’s part of the local constitution, it’s highly doubtful that it would change any time soon. Allocate your hard-earned money elsewhere, such as saving for a staycation, spending for belongings, or buying necessities for everyday life.

Rich Cultural Diversity

With so many tourists coming in each year, it’s no wonder that Florida attracts residents from all walks of life. The Sunshine State is a rich melting pot of cultures, whether it’s retirees, immigrants, college students, working professionals, or seasonal visitors. Particularly, Florida has a high Latino population due to its proximity to South America. They comprise more than 20 percent of the local racial composition.

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Because of its rich cultural diversity, there’s a wide variety of cultural festivals, attractions, and events happening throughout the year. Some of the well-known celebrations in the area include the Cuban Sandwich Festival, World of Nations Celebration, Jacksonville Jazz Festival, Florida Strawberry Festival, and Miami International Film Festival.

Fresh Produce and Delicious Food

The tropical climate in Florida lends itself to an abundance of fresh produce and delicious food. The state is home to many farms that produces a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including strawberries, mangoes, sugarcane, and oranges. The coastal state also has access to many kinds of seafood, such as the famous stone crabs and shrimps.

Because of its access to fresh ingredients and the state’s rich cultural diversity, Florida offers residents and visitors a wide variety of dining options. Whether you’re looking for Cuban food, a Caribbean-style restaurant, or a fast-food joint, you’ll never be in want of choices in Florida.

Strong Local Sports Culture

Any Globo Surf or sports enthusiast will love residing in Florida. The state has a strong sports culture and is home to several professional sports teams. Some of the most well-known teams in the world are based in the Sunshine State, including Basketball NBA Miami Heat, Football NFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Ice Hockey NHL Florida Panthers.

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Sports teams in the state—both professional and collegiate—have highly supportive fan bases. Indeed, no matter what sport you’re a fan of, you’re sure to find a community in Florida.

Despite the state’s infamous quirks and hurricane season, Florida continues to attract several tourists and residents each year. If you’re keen on moving to Florida, it’s essential to get help from movers with the background and skill you can rely on. With the right help, your move to Florida will surely be an easy, safe, and stress-free experience.


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