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May 2, 2022

3 Reasons Why Organic Formula Is A Good Choice For Your Baby

Organic formula? Doesn’t that sound a little expensive and unnecessary? Why would you want to buy an organic product for your baby when the standard one is perfectly fine, right?

WRONG. There are many reasons why buying an organic formula for your baby might be the best decision you’ll ever make. Here are three of them:


#1 – You’re giving your child a product that will cause less damage to their developing nervous system.

Studies have found that children who drink whole milk formulas have a higher risk of suffering from attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity disorders than those who drink skim milk formulas or breast milk. This is because some studies have found that the proteins and fats found in whole milk formulas are harder for an infant to digest at a given time compared to their brains and nervous systems. These proteins and fats can also cause the baby’s brain cells to die off prematurely, especially in those who are premature or have other developmental issues.


#2 – Your baby’s immune system will be better protected.

Organic formulas are healthier than other types of milk-based formula, but they’re still not as healthy as breast milk. However, they do have less chemicals, synthetic hormones and antibiotics compared to other types of formula. Infants who are fed with organic formulas also tend to have stronger immune systems than those who are stuck with the unhealthy one.

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Allergic reactions to food in children and teenagers have been on the rise over the years, but studies suggest that there can be a connection to the type of formula being given to them. For example, infants who drink formulas with a high protein content are more likely to develop allergies than those who get protein-free or hypoallergenic formula. The reason behind this is because proteins can cause an infant’s immune system to treat some foods as invaders instead of food, which causes your child’s body to create antibodies that lead to allergic reactions.


#3 – Your child will be more likely to develop fewer cavities as an adult.

Studies have shown that babies who are fed with organic formula are less likely to develop cavities than those who drink the normal kind. This is because organic formula contains more calcium, which can delay tooth decay and strengthen your child’s enamel by providing it with essential nutrients it needs for healthy and strong teeth.

There can also be other factors that lead to your child developing cavities, including genetics, the way you feed them, the sugar content in their food and even their saliva. Still, if you want to give your infant a better chance at avoiding cavities as they grow older, then sticking with organic formula is a good way to do so.

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Organic baby formula is a great way to give your child a boost of protection and health in their early years. If you’re thinking about switching formulas, then we encourage you to try out organic formulas first. Not to forget, it also helps with setting up of newborn sleep schedule.



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