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August 10, 2021

Neurologist in Delhi – One Stop Destination for Brain Tumors

Every year thousands of people get diagnosed with brain tumours of different kinds. It is the collection of abnormal cells inside the skull which causes pressure inside that restricted space. Some tumours are cancerous, while some are not. But as they grow, they interrupt brain functioning, which can prove fatal. Whatever the type of tumour is, the patient needs to visit the best neurologist in Delhi immediately. The neurologist will help in diagnosis and start the treatment accordingly.

Getting suspicion of a brain tumour is a scary thing in itself. It is not only life-threatening but also involves a lot of expense. So one can choose to go with the Bajaj Finserv health card to deal with the finances and choose the best doctor to ensure timely treatment. Additionally, it is vital to have all the information about the neuro disease and understand what to do in such a situation. So let us dive deeper and discuss all the details associated with the disease and how you can reach out to the best neurologist in Delhi.

All about Brain Tumors

A brain tumour is the abnormal collection of tissues in which the cells grow uncontrollably, and if left unchecked, can lead to the death of the person. To date, more than 150 types of tumours have been detected. But majorly, they are categorized into primary and secondary tumours.

Primary Tumours

These kinds of tumours develop in the brain from the tissues in the surroundings of the brain. The two most common types of primary tumours are:

Gliomas: They develop from the glial cells, which support the structure of your central nervous system.

Meningiomas: They arise in the meninges, the membrane that surrounds your brain and the spinal cord.

Secondary Tumor

Majority of the brain cancers develop from secondary tumours. They start from one part of the body and travel to the brain. This spread can originate from the lungs, breasts, kidneys, and even the skin. These are malignant always and prove fatal at the end.

Choosing the best Neurologist in Delhi for brain tumour treatment

There are various surgical procedures involved to treat this life-threatening disease completely. To start with the treatment process, the patient first needs to get in touch with the best neurologist in Delhi. The specialist will conduct various tests to identify the type of tumour first and then suggest ways to deal with the condition. Read below to know some expert tips to find the best neurologist for brain tumours.

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Get referrals

It is always ideal to ask people for referrals. If someone in your inner circle can refer a doctor, you can avoid all the research and trials of different doctors to reach the best one. Moreover, you can trust the doctor suggested by a closed one and immediately start with the treatment.

Do your Research

If there are no referrals, you should do your research and explore all the neurologists in Delhi. Check their expertise, refine putting your budget, and the expertise of the doctor. Then, make a list of some of the best doctors that you are likely to choose and streamline your research accordingly. Online apps for doctors can also help you find the best neurologist in Delhi.

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Check Service Quality

It is vital to visit the clinic or hospital in person and observe their service quality. Check the services they offer and make sure they are well equipped and have all the top-notch facilities. As it concerns your brain, you cannot compromise the quality of treatment. Do not consider budget as a primary factor to manage with the Bajaj Finserv health card.

Education and Experience

Another point that one should always consider is the education and expertise of the doctor. Check if the doctor has relevant education and has dealt with similar cases in the past. You can also ask the doctor to share the past records to check their success rate in tumour surgeries.

These are some of the points that you should always check and consider while choosing a neurologist. Pay attention to each point and also believe your instincts. Reaching the best neurologist in Delhi will solve half of your problem, and the other half is manageable with the Bajaj Finserv health card. So leave all the worries aside, get the card and find the best doctor for the treatment.


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