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January 5, 2022

What Are The Reasons To Buy Heart Mediclaim Plan?

One of life’s greatest treasures is good health, which you should constantly cherish and protect. Your fitness journey should ideally begin when you are young and continue to get stronger with each passing year. Health should be holistic, meaning that you should be concerned not just with your physical well-being but also with your mental well-being.

What is the difference between heart and health insurance?

Heart and health insurance is a type of insurance that protects you financially in the event of a heart attack, stroke, or other medical emergency. Sedentary lifestyles, rising stress levels, and rising medical expenditures have made it critical to choose a suitable heart and health insurance plan in current times.

Given the soaring medical expenditures and rise in lifestyle disorders among Indians, health insurance is a must-have for everyone. A medical emergency can strike anybody, at any moment, and have a significant emotional and financial impact. As a result, financial gurus advise that you get a health plan early in life.

Heart and health insurance are really important.

According to a report by International Congestive Heart Failure (INTER-CHF), India has one of the highest rates of mortality from heart disease in the world, at 23%. The death toll is more than three times higher than in China, where it is just 7%. Clearly, purchasing health insurance and being able to afford treatment for a cardiac issue is more important than ever before.

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It goes without saying that a healthy heart leads to a healthier and longer life. A well-thought-out heart and health insurance plan is a must-have. You may wonder why you need of heart mediclaim plan coverage as a healthy 20- or 30-something, especially if you haven’t done so before.

Increased risk of chronic illnesses caused by a sedentary lifestyle

With the prevalence of lifestyle illnesses on the rise, you never know when you or someone in your family may be affected. The most prevalent lifestyle illnesses include cardiovascular diseases (CVD), obesity, high blood pressure, cancer, and stroke. According to data, India has the highest number of cardiac patients, with over 50 million people suffering from heart disease. As a result, financial security in the form of a heart and health insurance coverage is a must-have.

The health-care policy of the employer is insufficient.

We may believe that our employer’s healthcare coverage is appropriate as working professionals. However, further examination reveals that employment health benefits should be complemented with a separate heart and health insurance policy. This is because the health insurance plan provided by your company may have limited customization choices and may not cover many severe conditions. The plan may or may not continue when you leave your work. When your group plan coverage expires after you retire, purchasing a new one may be more expensive than renewing an in-force individual health policy.

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The lesser the premium, the younger the person.

Many of us are unaware of the advantages of purchasing health insurance while we are young. For starters, choosing a health insurance coverage in your 20s or 30s will save you money on premiums. Apart from the reduced premiums, a younger buyer will have an easier time getting through the waiting period because it is not a necessity at the time.

Exemption from taxes

While you can’t plan your life down to the last detail (because to the element of unpredictability), you may create good plans to help you get through a difficult period. Section 80D of the Internal Revenue Code allows you to decrease your tax obligation by investing (paying a premium) in health insurance from a reputable provider.

Monetary stability

If statistics are to be accepted, the expense of medical treatment in India is increasing by 10-15% per year[3]. As a result, securing your future with a heart and health insurance coverage is critical. Because your insurance handles the hospitalisation costs within the policy’s allowable limitations, you will have access to contemporary healthcare facilities.


A comprehensive heart and health insurance coverage will undoubtedly prove to be a wise investment that ensures a brighter future. Indians had heart attacks nearly a decade sooner than other ethnic groups, according to study. In India, 40% of people who have had a heart attack are under the age of 55. There are several reasons for this, ranging from genetics to pollutants. A haphazard diet, long and stressful working hours, and a lack of exercise all contribute to an increased risk of heart disease. Diabetes, India’s silent killer, is one of the leading causes of pre-mature heart attacks, with more than 7.2 million instances documented.

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The importance of Care Health Insurance cannot be emphasised, given the exponential rise in healthcare expenses. Compare the cost of a week in the hospital for a common sickness against the coverage provided by your employer. You’ll almost certainly be enticed to buy a cover right away. Still undecided? Consider how you’ll feel when you become older and require more medical treatment.



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