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August 20, 2021

How to write Biology research topics

When it comes to doing research, what holds utmost importance is choosing a research topic. Choosing a topic for research is a critical step. One should choose a topic based on their interest. Choosing the research topic on genuine interest grounds opens up the opportunity to learn during the research process and draw valuable information from it.  Research is time taking effort and one must enjoy the process rather than just complete it for the sake of it.

Biology is a dynamic discipline. It offers an unending number of topics for research purposes. Apart from being dynamic and vast it is also quite an interesting subject. Biology has answers to all the questions concerned with life on earth. From microorganisms to mega organisms, everything finds a place in biology. One can just randomly put a hand on any topic and start working on it without a second thought. This article provides a complete guide to choosing a research topic for research purpose

Biology is basically the scientific study of living beings. However it is not as simple as it sounds. Biology accommodates innumerable numbers of branches.  Some of the major and most common branches of biology are botany, conservation, ecology, evolution, genetics, marine biology, medicine, microbiology, molecular biology, physiology and zoology. So there are a range of topics that different branches offer. This article discusses various biology research topics relevant to the most popular branches of study.


  1. Parasites and disease
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Parasites, although very small in size, have an impactful presence in the biosphere. They provide a very broad base for study and can even prove to be a very good choice for research. Study of parasitical existence and their impact on the environment can be a great research subject.


  1. Migration pattern of killer bees

Study of migration trends has had interest of researchers for quite a very long time and still holds a very significant place amongst zoology research topics. Scholars can study migration patterns of killer honey bees created through interbreeding of African honeybees with European bees. They belong to genus apis and are capable of killing large mammals. This provides a good subject for a research paper.


  1. Water bloom handling and formation

Study of water blooms is not just an interesting subject for research purposes but also an important subject from an environmental point of view. With climate and environment change, drastic impacts perceivable in the ecosystem need adequate attention. Studies on these critical subjects sometimes lead to revolutionary discoveries. Such discoveries might prove to be very useful in building a climate resilient earth.


  1. Behaviour and existence of invasive species

Species invasion is a very popular topic among researchers. It provides an opportunity to study the behaviour of exotic species in the foreign environment as well as the endemic species’ response to such invasion. It might even lead to new discoveries in the field in fact discoveries in the field of species behaviour are very frequent.


  1. Evolution of elephants 
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Elephants have found a place in the IUCN red list and therefore provide a concrete subject for study. Studying their evolution, population trends, migration pattern, habitat change etc can form a part of a research on elephants.


  • Systems neuroscience

Animal models are used by systems neuroscience researchers to simulate core cognitive processes. This allows for a more in-depth examination of the algorithms and neural circuits that generate mental representations. Scholars can investigate how patterns of neuronal connections (circuits) generate patterns of neuronal activity, and how those patterns of neural activity generate overt behavioural and differential responses.


  1. Comparative biomechanics 

Animal locomotion in water, on land, and in the air, food capture, chemoreception, and the interaction between mechanical design, neural control, and behavioural responses to physically variable environments are all investigated using experimental and computational techniques from both solid and fluid mechanics. Research on this subject involves integrated study of biological concepts and mechanics.

  • Computational biology and genomics 

Computational genomics is the application of computational and statistical analysis to decipher biology from genome sequences and related data, which includes both DNA and RNA sequences as well as other “post-genomic” data. These, together with computational and statistical approaches to understanding gene function as statistical association analysis.

  • Complex biological systems
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Complex systems biology is a branch or subfield of mathematical and theoretical biology concerned with the complex structure and functions of biological organisms, along with the origin and evolution of organisms and species. It emphasises on the intra and interconnectivity of biological network inference. 

  • Protein engineering and synthetic biology

In the covid affected world, protein engineering and synthetic biology is going to be the core subject of numerous studies. Reason behind this popularity of the subject is the quest to develop remedies to the virus and safeguard the existence of the human population. This subject can be deliberately taken up for the research purpose and there is no doubt that it is going to fetch constructive results for the scholars.



  • Body modifications

Humans have been subjected to constant change and evolutions over a continued period of time since the past 200,000 years. Studying these modifications is a highly interesting business. Although a lot of work has been done in this field researchers can analyse trends in the body modifications or the utility of such modifications or any other dimension they feel like exploring. 

  • Forensic anthropology

A subfield of physical anthropology, forensic anthropology has diverse applications. It can be applied from archaeological examinations to criminal examination of evidence. This is amongst the most dynamic subjects in the field of anthropology. Scholars aiming to explore a distinct subject other than conventional subjects of anthropology can take up this subject for detailed study.

  • Heredity and genetics
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Heredity and genetics is one of the core topics of research in the anthropology segment. It requires the scholars to be aware of the fundamentals of genetics in a distinguished manner. Scholars with specific interest in genetics should definitely take up this subject for their research.

  • Human origins

Presently there are various theories claiming to trace human origins but there is always enough space for a new piece of information. There is a lot of scope for new findings if the scholars decide to take up human origins are the subject of their study. It is a dynamic subject and gets enriched with new findings constantly.

  • Primates and primatology

The way humans are and the way they used to be has been analysed over the years. Primates and humans have quite a lot of similarities but quite a lot of differences too! Scholars can take this very popular topic to complete their research. It is one of the conventional topics that researchers generally choose. 



  • Biodiversity studies

Biodiversity is a very important aspect of human existence. It is vast as well as vulnerable, and hence a very good topic for research.

  • Climate and carbon management

Climate and carbon are very familiar terms today. There is frequent publication of studies on this subject. It owes its popularity to the drastic transformation that is unfolding due to carbon increment. Scholars interested in ecology and climate change can go with this subject for research.

  • Green roofs

Green roofs are one of the many measures that are increasingly becoming part of human practices. It is comparatively a new concept and detailed analysis of this subject might help any research paper stand out.

  • Farming trends

Farming is the lifeline of human civilization. Analysing farming trends, impact and pattern are not at all bad choices for research papers.

  • Polluted freshwater ecosystems

Water is the basis of life on earth. Scholars can study the aspect of pollution with respect to freshwater ecosystems. Studies conducted on critical components of the ecosystem are very useful and contribute to the conservation of the environment.


 Research papers are descriptive analysis on particular topics and require thorough study on the subject before concluding the report. They provide a refreshing and adventurous experience to scholars. Scholars are exposed to dynamic facts and get a chance to develop analytical temperament. A research paper can even become a defining milestone in the scholars’ career. Hence they should be prepared and presented with utmost creativity. They can choose any of the above given biology research topics for this purpose.


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