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December 20, 2021

Score well in twelfth standard history board exam: tips to follow

Twelfth class board exams are conducted by a central board of secondary education every year. These board exam scores are very important for the learners as they take them near to their future goals by getting

admissions to their dream colleges. One of the most theoretical and lengthy subjects which students find hard to score well is history. Let us discuss a few effective tips which humanities learners can use to score well in their history board exams. We will also be discussing the tips which teachers can use to help students in this regard.



What should students do?



  1. Be thorough with your NCERT books


Often students feel that the board exams will have the questions out of the syllabus and they should refer to some high guides and books. But this is a wrong assumption of the students. Board exam questions come from their ncert books only. And therefore they should be thorough with every chapter of the book in detail. For this focused and detailed reading is very important.


Only memorising the back exercises of the lessons and question answers are not enough. Line-by-line reading of the history lessons is very important. The senior secondary board exams are not very simple and the chances of tricky questions from the middle of the chapters are there. Therefore students should read all the history lessons in detail.




  1. Sample papers are very helpful


To score good marks in your twelfth class history board exams, solving sample papers is a great idea. Now the question is why to solve sample papers. These papers are designed in such a way that students get a better idea of what kinds of questions come in the main exam. Solving a paper for a complete three hours improved the time management skills of the students so that they can attempt the main paper properly without missing any questions because of time constraints.


Also, students get an idea of how much they know and what more has to be done for improvement. You can learn the questions and topics which are asked repetitively. Also, don’t start solving the sample papers one night before the exam. This can cause unnecessary stress. Try to complete the two to three weeks before the main exam. You can get these sample papers on official CBSE sites, in guides, and online teaching sites as well.



  1. Make lesson wise notes


Your history notes can become the best resource to use while preparing for the board exam. The notes are systematic, include all the necessary information in an orderly manner which helps learners to learn effectively. When a teacher teaches a lesson, jot down the important pointers in the class, and during the self-study time review those notes and add more important pointers to it. You can use these notes to revise the lessons and important topics when exams are near. Also by writing, the learning, and memorising become better.

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How can teachers help?


  1. Conduct revision classes


Some students don’t start preparing for the exam time and this can affect their scores in the exams. Teachers can ensure that they start preparing early by conducting time to time revision classes for them. Don’t conduct the revision class after completing the whole textbook or curriculum.


Try to have these classes more often. For example, after completing two or three history lessons, have a revision class. Use a learning management system to manage the teaching well and make out some time for revisions too. During these classes allow students to ask their doubts and queries. Also, you can summarise the important topics once again to the learners.



  1. Regular assessment


Regular tests can help students to learn every day instead of only when exams are near. All history lessons cannot be learned overnight. Therefore teachers should conduct regular class tests. This way students will keep learning a few chapters regularly.



  1. Motivate them


Twelfth class, the last year of schooling, and the time of board exams are quite stressful for the learners. During this time, along with active learning, they need someone who can support them emotionally and can listen to their problems. What teachers can do is appreciate students for their hard work and effort, and motivate them to continue the healthy learning practice. Develop a learning environment for them which is constructive and positive.

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Twelfth board scores matter a lot for all. These scores help students to move forward to accomplish their dreams and goals. One of the most important and lengthy subjects which students find scoring hard is history. By following the above-mentioned tips, learners can score well in their history board exams. We also discussed the tips which teachers can use in this regard.


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