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December 13, 2021

Having your head in the stars: astrology explained

Astrology has been around for centuries and is practiced around the world. However, it is a practice that is often misunderstood. Contrary to popular belief, astrology is not an occult tradition: it is rather a decoding technique. There are many types of astrology and today, the methods offered by expert astrologers in Mumbai are very popular.

Ancient roots

Astrology is over 4,500 years old. It was in the first millennium, in Mesopotamia, that the zodiac sequence was developed. The Babylonians believed that the stars were created by gods and goddesses for the purpose of communicating with humans and regulating the weather. At the time, it was the general population that resorted to astrological predictions. These were mainly used to announce epidemics, predict military defeats and estimate periods of financial prosperity, for example.

Multiple utilities

While astrology is no longer used as it was when it first started, it still has many functions. In fact, the practice can make predictions based on everyday skies; it can establish its prognoses for the year and even for the life of an individual at the time of his birth. People’s personalities can even be explained by astrological signs.

Today, astrology is for many a safe practice that is extremely reassuring as it “gives the impression of having control over what escapes us.” Many people consult the honest astrologer in USA to make sense of their lives and solve various problems.

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Astral functioning

Astrology suggests the presence of a correlation between the position of the stars and life on Earth. The Earth, rotating around the Sun, defines a belt: this is the plane of the ecliptic, which is divided into 12 zodiacal constellations. The Earth and the other planets successively make the Sun appear in front of the framework of these constellations. The sky charts are drawn from the position of the planets, the Sun and the Moon in the ecliptic circle. These are then interpreted by astrologers, according to the qualities attributed to the stars.

There are many schools of thought in astrology and many ways of doing it. An astrologer uses the date, time and place of birth of his clients to study their star charts. It is from this that the astrologer can decode the symbols and make his “prescriptions”, in order to then interpret the events and challenges in the life of his clients.

Despite the great popularity of modern astrology, many people remain skeptical. Some clients admit having difficulty believing predictions after a first session, and that understanding only comes with hindsight. That’s why, a good open mind to be able to enjoy the benefits of astrology is very important in many cases.

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After all, nothing prevents you from consulting the stars if you find comfort there or if it seems to work in one way or another. It is not necessary to understand the origins and the functioning of the phenomenon in order to be able to fully benefit from its effects.


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