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August 16, 2021

Why is it important to put adequate coatings on industrial pipes?

Pipelines are the life blood of all major industries. No industry can survive without a stable and secured network of pipelines that can ferry different elements throughout the working sectors of the industry. If the pipeline system does not work properly or starts to malfunction, then there would be a lot of problems in running the industry in an efficient manner. Not only would the output suffer and lower down, but also the working environment will risk becoming unsafe for the workers. Hence, it is important to protect the pipelines from any kind of harm and maintain them on a regular basis.

In this small article, you will learn about one of the most crucial aspects of protecting industrial pipelines: that is through properly coating them so as to protect the pipes from both internal and external harm. Protecting the pipelines ought to be one of the most major concerns in the industrial sector as it can ensure the productive working of all the machineries in the working environment. Only such high degree and precision of efficiency can ensure that the industry remains profitable, viable and sustainable.

Importance of applying coatings

IT is crucial to apply coatings on your industry pipes because an industrial pipe serves multiple processes and hence, you need to ensure that they are always operational. IT will help you to ensure that the pipes can remain suitable for effective operations for a long time. To provide for the long term security of the piping network, you need to check whether the pipes are all properly coated or not. You can apply both internal and external coatings on the pipe as it has now become a standard practice across multiple industries.

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Internal coatings of pipes had gained popularity during the 1950s as a way for dealing with corrosions and reducing the contamination of industrial fluids caused by deposits of corrosive substances. The corrosions would go on to destroy the purity of the industrial liquids and thus, contaminate the entire work done in the factories. Hence, it became essential to fix this issue and providing coatings was the best way out. External coating is of course more common and has a wide range of tangible advantages.

Advantages of industrial pipeline coatings

Industrial pipe coatings will increase the gas flowing capability inside the smooth pipe surface. It will help to increase the efficiency of the production process. A lot of studies have revealed how the production capacity increases multiple times in coated pipelines compared to the uncoated pipe surfaces. It is interesting to recall that even a one percent increase in the flow capacity of a pipe will provide enough justification to invest in internally coating the pipes.

Of course, the industrial pipe coatings are also applied to prevent corrosion on the surface of the pipes. A corroded pipeline can cause a lot of problems and can cause significant damage to the whole pipeline over a period of time.

Internally coated pipelines can also provide a quicker way for inspection as these would dry a lot quicker compared to the uncoated pipes after hydrostatic testing. The testing procedures would thereby become a lot simpler.

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Get cost effective solutions

Coated pipelines can help you reduce your energy costs during any pumping process, including those where you have to use compressor stations. These are financial benefits that you will start to have after a few years of coating your pipelines.

External coating of the pipes will help to obviously protect them from inclement weather and external corrosion. Both internal and external coatings will provide you with an inexpensive way to protect your pipes from damage. The technology for pipeline coating has evolving and is showing new methods of making industrial work more efficient. Today, pipe line coating has become a standard practice in multiple industries because of these reasons.

You can learn more about industrial pipe coatings by reading news articles from reputed Pipeline industry publication. You can also search the internet to get more leads and information concerning industrial pipes.


It is vital that you provide adequate coatings on your pipelines so that you industry can function in an effective and efficient manner. If you want to get more information about Pipeline Industry Publication Please visit this site- https://www.pipelineintelligence.com

Why is it important to put adequate coatings on industrial pipes?



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