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December 9, 2021

A Guide On Different Industrial Gases

Australia has one of the biggest industries in the world. The well-developed infrastructure and availability of various technologies make Australia a favourite place for multinational companies. Each industry uses a wide variety of materials for manufacturing different items. Gases are one such significant factor in many industries. In Australia, one can find argon gas suppliers easily. These gases are used for a wide variety of purposes, and there are different grades of the same gas available. Each type of gas has its purpose, and this can vary with industry.


Different Industrial Gases


  • Acetylene gas: High-temperature flames are used for various purposes like cutting metal, melting alloys, etc. In such cases, the industry will choose the gas with the highest heat coefficient. Such gases will help in faster processing. Gases used for cutting metals are required to melt a small area faster. This characteristic will reduce the damages to the surrounding metal parts. With a high heat coefficient, acetylene gas is one of the best suitable gases for these purposes. But due to the higher flammability, the gas should be stored in extremely safe conditions. This gas is available in two grades, industrial grade and instrument grade. The instrument grade acetylene gas is free from other contamination cases.
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  • Compressed air: Compressed air is one of the most commonly used gas types in various industries. Its use varies as per the industry, and thus the grade also changes. There are several types of equipment, both laboratory and industrial, that work on compressed air. An industrial pneumatic drill is an industrial machine that requires compressed air. But in these industrial machines, the air does not need to be pure. On the other hand, laboratory devices and calibration devices need clean and hydro carbonless air. Such compressed air is used for calibration and testing purposes.


  • Argon gas: Argon is an inert gas that can be used for limiting the flame. This feature of argon helps in processes that need controlled flames. It includes welding and plasma cutting. It supports the heat to concentrate in a particular spot and eliminates the chances of the spread of the spark. The argon gas suppliers provide this gas in two grades. One is used for industrial purposes and the other for laboratory purposes. The laboratory-grade argon is purer than the industrial-grade argon.


  • Carbon dioxide gas: This gas is one of the widely used gas in different industries. Carbon dioxide is not flammable and is known for its anti-flame capabilities. Thus it is added as a fire suppressing agent in fire extinguishers. The industrial use of carbon dioxide starts with MIG welding. It can also be used in various industrial applications, including plasma cutting, pH balancing, and pipe freezing. High-grade carbon dioxide is suitable for various laboratory uses, including laser cutting. Unlike other gases, carbon dioxide can be used for different food processing. Food-grade carbon dioxide is used for the carbonation of beverages. Carbonated beverages are widely used worldwide, and it is one of the most prominent uses of artificial carbon dioxide. The food-grade carbon dioxide is also suitable for packing. High-purity carbon dioxide is a considerate refrigerant. The gas can be used for various refrigerant purposes, including air conditioning systems and commercial refrigeration.
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  • Hydrogen gas: Hydrogen is considered as the fuel for tomorrow. It has the highest heat coefficient, and burning the gas produces water as a substrate. Thus, it is viewed as clean energy, and it is also renewable energy. Now, various research is undergoing on the usage of hydrogen gas as fuel for different vehicles. The use of hydrogen as a fuel can considerably reduce fossil fuel usage and, thereby, pollution.

Author Name: Mary Kate


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