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August 13, 2021

Does the mascara help in flaunting the makeup look?

People who are fond of doing makeup, always find ways in elevating their makeup game. Your makeup is incomplete if you do not put effort on eyes. Whether you want to achieve a minimal makeup look or a heavy look for birthdays and parties, mascara plays a significant role in flaunting your eyes. The first thing which people notice is your eyes. Applying mascara helps in making your eyes bigger, or more prominent. Moreover, people who are not blessed with good eyelashes should go for it. As it helps in enhancing the eyelash size.  If you go to the market, you must come across different mascara box packaging. Almost every brand has introduced its mascara. They all differ in their packaging style. Similarly, the formula also varies from brand to brand.

Buying mascara boxes is not enough. It requires special techniques in doing a smooth application. It is mandatory to follow the correct way otherwise you end up facing the clump lashes. Hence, your makeup will look dull. However, applying mascara like a pro will help in achieving the most professional makeup look. There are many mascara hacks that you can follow to achieve a perfect makeup look. Simply, follow all the steps and imitate them one by one. If you are struggling hard in applying the mascara then here is a complete guide.

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Complete guide to select the best mascara

If you have tiny or no lashes, then don’t worry. Mascaras are here to rescue you. All you have to do is to buy the best mascaras for yourself. You can never achieve the desired look if you choose a bad tool. Therefore, it is mandatory to go for the right product. Only this way you can easily make the professional makeup look. You must have seen the variety of custom mascara boxes in the market. Different brands have customized the packaging in different ways.

Different types of mascaras with unique wand sizes and shape

You will get different results on using different mascaras. As their wand size and shape are unique from each other.

Look at the brush wand

As the packaging of mascara carries the brush wand. Every brand has manufactured different wand sizes. Therefore, everyone’s application is different from each other. Similarly, if you choose the wrong brush, you would not get the desired makeup look.

There are different Mascara Boxes wholesale available in the market.

Each brand has a unique formula with a different wand. However, if you notice the whole thing, you would know that formula and brush are both important. You cannot skip either of them. Both works together in making your beautiful eyes.

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Plastic bristles VS twisted wire brush

First, decide what type of mascara lover you are. For instance, if you buy the branded mascara box packaging. Two types of brushes are available in the market. Plastic bristles and twisted wire brush. Plastic bristles require a little amount of formula. So, you have to dip the brush two or three times. Then apply it to the lashes. This way you will easily apply two coats on the lashes, and you will get an easy smooth makeup look. Similarly, the twisted wire brush requires a single coat of formula and here, you go with a good look. This voluminous brush does not need to dip two-three times. As once it dips, it easily gets a lot of formula. The application of the formula is depended on the brush. If you get the thicker wand brush, your lashes will get more curl easily and vice versa.

Voluminous wand

If you have picked the voluminous mascara wand in unique mascara box packaging. Then it will help greatly in creating fluffy lashes. People who do not bless with good lashes should buy it. As it helps in creating and making your eyes more prominent and bigger. Now say no to wimpy lashes and buy the mascara with the voluminous wand.

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Well combed lashes—thin wand

If you are fond of getting well-combed lashes. Then you should buy the custom mascara boxes with the thin wand. If you read the instructions on top of the box, you could read whether the wand is thin or thick. In other words, you can easily get to know about the size of its’s wand. Because it is quite necessary to check whether its size is appropriate for you or not. Thin wands are always best in creating a uniform and well-defined lash. This type of brush combs each strand of lash and comb them properly.

Nowadays different wand shapes of wands are available in the market. They are packed in unique mascara boxes. So, the consumer can recognize them easily. These wands are in a ball shape, they help in combing the lashes from the roots. It beautifully brushes every strand of the lash. Moreover, makes them look in a uniform shape.

Get winged lashes

Some people really like to wing their lashes. For such purposes, choose the curved brush. It is best for giving winged look to your lashes. Simply apply two coats of mascara, and here you are ready to go. Some custom mascara boxes are specially manufactured for keeping such wand brushes. As these are unique brushes and required distinct packaging.

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Is unique packaging important for mascaras?

The straight answer to this question is yes. The packaging is the most noticeable thing. Since the cosmetic market’s competition is quite tough. Every brand has manufactured its products. However, everyone has a different packaging style. Similarly, their manufacturing formula also differs from each other. For instance, if we talk about different brands, the formula and consistency would be different from brand to brand. If one brand has a thick wand and formula, so, maybe the other brand has a thin wand brush and formula. Therefore, we cannot say that every brand is the same.

Similarly, different brands have introduced different Custom Boxes. The customization allows them to make their desired boxes. For instance, they mostly used glossy sheets with attractive visual graphics to target the audience. Then choose the packaging size wisely. As it greatly depicts the class of the product. Therefore, they do not choose the mundane packaging with not attractive graphic art.

Sometimes people end buying things just because of their packaging. Therefore, opting a beautiful packaging always increases sales. Many recognizable packaging companies are working hard to make the most demanding packaging boxes for products. They make different mascara boxes in unique shapes and styles. This is one of the reasons that why custom mascara boxes are in high demand. The customization options allow them to make the demanding boxes. These captivating boxes always catch the customer’s attraction. Most people end up buying them at a single glance. The mascara box packaging offers you a professional good look. A professional team works on designing them.

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Many recognizable companies are working hard in manufacturing unique mascara box packaging. Just look at their samples and hire them if you find them unique and distinct among competitors. Always opt for flawless quality packaging that makes an outstanding impression on the customer. Mascara boxes should use quality material that catches the eye of the customer. Do not compromise on quality. Make sure you always choose high-quality packaging. The packaging material must be sufficiently protective to completely preserve the product. It is equally important that the inner material remains more valuable. Otherwise, the packaging would not hold the things.


What are the benefits of wearing mascara in a makeup look?

Best for creating a subtle makeup look or no-makeup look

Mascaras are best for people who do not like the heavy makeup look. As they are best in creating a subtle makeup look. A simple two three coats of mascaras give an instant boost to your lashes. Moreover, they are best in making them look more voluminous and thicker. These types of mascara boxes carry the best formula mascaras. Create no makeup look simply using them.

Make a fun look

If you go to the market, you would see different colors of mascaras.  These mascara boxes wholesale have a distinct packaging. Often these are packed in different colored boxes to make them more prominent. These colored mascaras are best for creating a fun makeup look. In previous times, only black color was used for creating the mascaras. But now with the advancement in time, different types of colorful mascaras are available in the market. from green to blue, black to white, you can opt for any color of mascara.

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Make an appealing eye

Since the mascara is applied to the lashes. They are best in flaunting the lashes. It separates each strand and makes it more appealing. Every mascara box packaging claims different types of advantages. For example, some are good at making captivating eyes.


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