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July 21, 2021

Tricks for Speed Up For Mobile App Development Process


In this current technological era, people are becoming smarter. They need an app for almost everything. People want things at their doorstep by clicking on their phone or by using a laptop or PC. As a result, companies are busy giving their best in app development. We find multiple apps for almost everything. However, there are many apps available in the market. So, customers can use and get their work done. If you visit Google App Store or Apps Store, you will find many similar apps for one use. 

Therefore, finding a niche that offers you revenue is difficult and complex for app development companies and app developers in this era. Several app developers are offering their services in the same domain. So, it is challenging to find the best niche for launching your app in the market. On the other hand, you have to speed up your app development process. You have to adopt agile practices in the app development process. 

You have to plan things in such a way that enhances your app development process. Because if you fail in this, your competitor will get the benefits. In this tech era, we are connected worldwide. You can get help worldwide. So, with the help of a mobile app developer worldwide, you can get all your answers. This app developer will help you in finding the right niche for your app. 

On the other hand, these app developers also help you get the top position in the market. That will increase your revenue, and ultimately you get ahead of your competitor. In this modern and advanced era, having an app for your business is important. However, an app offers the best and more comprehensive service to the user or customers. 

Therefore, having an app nowadays is worthy. However, the app development process is not an easy task. It requires more time and effort. Consequently, it can be a time-consuming and challenging process. Therefore, we have mentioned a few top tricks that speed up your app development process worldwide. 

Using Low-Fidelity Wireframes

Using low-fidelity wireframes to flesh out and plan the app layout from an architectural and design standpoint is the number one strategy we utilize to ensure speedier development time. Try to prefer and use low-fidelity wireframes instead of high-fidelity wireframes for this purpose. Because they are elementary-level plans, they save time. 

They’re a lot more abstract, with simply the most essential information. Wireframes provide programmers a concept of the features. That we want to include in the app. on the other hand, it offers UX designer guidance on designing the user interface. Wireframing not only helps us get things in order but also allows the development and design processes to run concurrently.

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Launch with the Lean Method and a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Rather than offering your clients a fully functional app, try to develop merely a minimum viable product. That will assist them in entering the market as quickly as possible. With the support of the build-measure-learn-review loop, companies begin by gathering data. Another factor that you have to focus on is customer feed. 

That will help you redesign your app in a better manner. You can easily update your design and processes. Always try to operate on small iterative cycles. It will help you to make it faster while maintaining efficiency. Throughout the cycle, test every associated process to verify that everything meets the customers’ expectations and is of high quality.

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Conduct A Design Review Prior To Sprint Planning.

When you first start working on sprints, do a visual design walkthrough of what you want to accomplish in that sprint. On the other hand, follow up with a demo and review of the work you have completed. Sprints should be designed in such a way that they include the burndown of all of the app’s story points.

Despite the fact, your goal must be to cut mobile app development time to a bare minimum. On the other hand, make sure that everyone involved in the sprint and all is on the same page. Even in the middle of a sprint, the team should meet for backlog refinement to ensure that we have enough backlog for at least one more sprint.

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Short Release Cycles

Keeping the main features in your app and offering those features to your clients is a good practice. You can reduce or short the cycles, so it saves your time. On the other side, it enables you to give your best on other important factors and features. If you do this, it will increase your deployment time, and you finish the thing in time. 

Try to make things simple as they took less time. For example, you are working on the app, try to develop MVP first with main features. Moreover, run test and launch app. try to get customer’s feedback. So, it will help you and save your time. 

Automated Testing or Evaluation

 It is the most important factor that companies and developers must consider before going into app development. It would also help in reducing the cycle time. Of course, the element that mainly helps you in app development and speeds up your process is mobile app testing and evaluation automation. But, on the other bridge’s side, it also helps in developing quality apps. 

However, by adding artificial intelligence to the quality assurance department, you can save a lot of time. It is because the AI runs multiple tests at the same time. On the other hand, if we do that with the old way, it took too much time to do this. So, by increasing the testing speed, we can save time. So, we’ll be able to offer the app on time. In addition, several software and tools are available in the market that companies use to test apps. 

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Element Based User Interface

It is another method you can use to speed up your app development process—it is known as an element-based user interface. By creating a sustainable technical framework, you can save a lot of mobile app development costs and time. However, this can be exchanged among apps. On the other side, reuse also becomes an option. It happens when the agile process is supported as we know that all the apps and project are different from other.

Follow Agile and Two-Week Sprints

The concept revolves around launching an app with basic features and add some more features after some time. However, agile is more focused on defining the goal or milestones. Moreover, it asks for feedback and reviews at every point. 

Team Size Can Be Adjusted

One of the greatest assets a firm and business can have is having an in-house team devoted to each step. Having a team with dedication can lead you towards the top. It is the team that works together to achieve the goal for the company. 

But if your team is not showing any interest in work, then it’s a burden for your company, nothing else. So, try to keep your resources high in numbers. So, in case you get extra work, you can easily handle that load. And offer the app in time. However, this will help you in the development and deployment of your project in time. 

QA Is Done Thoroughly.

Place a strong emphasis on executing a thorough Quality Assurance test once each milestone in the app development process is completed. You will be able to spare a lot of time by checking the quality of every aspect of the app as it is developed, rather than waiting until the end of the project to complete QA and then returning to fix any simple errors that arise. No doubt, it is the best practice. It will save you time and extra effort. 

Every one of your quality assurance sessions must include a thorough examination of the processes and elements from the standpoints of usability and memorability. Make a team of Quality Assurance Analysts who work closely with the design and development teams throughout the entire process. They must be acting as a liaison between the client and development teams. Their work is to verify that everything is in line with the client’s requirements.

Sprint Iterations Have Been Reduced.

Another step that you should take to speed up the development and deployment process is to break it down into sprints and talk to the clients about each piece of the user story. However, it will reduce the number of iterations significantly by keeping our clients informed. On the other hand, it also aids in the team’s comprehension of what they need to accomplish next and what improvements they need to make to what they’ve done so far.

Final Notes

Remember, the more you need time fie app development, the more it affects the success of an app in the market. Therefore, app development time is important. It might be like you have several app development orders to finished, or you are running out of developers. It is your responsibility to complete an app on time. In other words, you have to boost or speed up your app development process.  ( if you looking for the marketplace app developer Try Cubix The Best marketplace application developer Their Expert Team Will Assist you.)


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It is because it allows you to enter the market and gain a competitive advantage over your competitor.  However, an advanced and experienced app development company knows how to accelerate the add development process. But, on the other hand, they offer you the top and best functions of a mobile app. we know that this new era is very competitive. So, your work speed decides how successful you are, and you will be in the market.

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