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August 6, 2021

Start Your Own Successful Multi Service Business Using Our Gojek Clone App

The Gojek Clone app has truly become synonymous with powerful business enterprise. The consumer behavior of the current market is very clearly indicating a migratory patter shifting towards single app solutions that cater to and offer multiple solutions. There are two reasons for this:

  1. People do not wish to clutter their devices with multiple apps when a single app can do the job of different apps.
  2. Downloading and filling in forms for registration of multiple apps is not only tedious but may also pose a serious security issue.

Keeping this in mind our team of expert professionals with a cumulative experience of over 5 decades has brought a unique and advanced solution called the Gojek Clone app.

What Is The Gojek Clone App?

Considering the fact that you are already reading this blog, chances are that you are already familiar with the concept of the Gojek Clone application and the nature and scope of the same. However, in order to explain exactly how it can be of help to your business, let us propound over it a little more.

The Gojek Clone app is a mobile application that acts as a digital market place. It is created after observing the tremendous success of the Gojek application in Indonesia. The Gojek App was initially started to enable bike owners to start offering their services as taxi so that they can earn money and riders can enjoy transportation within their country at a much cheaper rate while also reducing the drive time.

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However, soon, the app evolved into a complex system that allowed users to not only hire taxis, but to also send across parcels, order food and much more. However, it did not cater to any and all kinds of services that people could think of.

This is where our development team came into picture. Understanding that the above mentioned problems are plaguing the modern smart phone users, we created a solution that could eliminate both these issues.

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App like gojek

The Gojek Clone app created by our team now acts as a digital market place for over 70 different kinds of services that are broadly diversified into 4 main categories:

  1. Taxi Booking Service:

    This section acts exactly like a Taxi Booking App

  2. Parcel Delivery Service:

    There are two major categories within this service. The Single Delivery option allows users to send across parcels from point A to point B. The Multi Delivery option allows users to send across parcels from point A to points B, C, D, E and more. There is no embargo on the dimension of the parcel. It can be anything ranging from an envelope to a hundred bags of cement. The user can select the type of vehicle for delivery based on their budget, the speed at which they want the parcel to be delivered, and of course, the dimensions of their parcel.

  3. Store Based Delivery: This option is an on demand purchase and delivery option. Our app allows your users to directly purchase items using the app and making payments through the in app wallet to get the bought items delivered to the customer’s doorstep. The various categories within this service include:
    1. On Demand Food Delivery From Restaurants
    2. Grocery Delivery From Grocery Stores
    3. On Demand Medicines Delivery from Pharmacy
    4. Bottled Water Delivery
    5. On Demand Flower Delivery
    6. Cake Delivery
    7. On Demand Baked Goods Delivery
    8. Home Cooked Food Delivery
    9. On Demand Alcohol Delivery
    10. And so on and so forth
  4. Service Providers for Hire:

    This option is like a Task Rabbit app within the Gojek Clone App. The user can access service providers offering up to 52 different kinds of services including:

    1. Doctor On Demand
    2. Beautician On Demand
    3. Plumber On Demand
    4. Electrician On Demand
    5. Snow Removal Expert On Demand
    6. Roadside Assistance On Demand
    7. Car Wash On Demand
    8. Car Detailing On Demand
    9. Baby Sitter On Demand
    10. Dog Walker On Demand
    11. Tutor On Demand
    12. Maids On Demand
    13. Window Washers On Demand
    14. House Keeping On Demand
    15. And much more.
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What Makes Our App Ideal For Your Business?

If you wish to make a mark for yourself in the multi service industry, you must launch your business having only the best in your arsenal. Since most functions of this business hinge around the app, it is of utmost importance to make sure that your app is the best.

We have put in years of market research and technological expertise in creating this solution for you. In order to make sure that you can beat your competition and lead the industry, we have added some of the top most industry relevant features to the app. Take a look:

Single Download And Single Log In

As discussed earlier, one of the chief concerns of the users is that multiple apps require multiple log ins. While there are other app development companies in the market claiming to have the best Gojek Clone applications, what they fail to mention is that their apps are riddled with multiple in app downloads and log ins unlike ours.

This means that when you purchase our app, you offer your customers the luxury of downloading just one app, where as if you fall prey to other options in the market, the app might require for incessant downloads each time a new service needs to be hired. The same goes for log ins. We ensure that the user can log in quickly and easily using their social media handles, Gmail or by filling out a short form just one time and enjoy using the app in its entirety.

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Covid 19 Related Special Features

There is hardly any debate regarding the fact that the Corona Virus CoVid 19 Pandemic Outbreak has torn the financial fabric of the world. As many companies are struggling to find their foothold in the post CoVid 19 world, we have built an app that comes equipped with special CoVid 19 features that facilitate the government regulations in controlling CoVid 19 and growing business. These features include:

  1. Contactless Deliveries
  2. Face Mask Verification for service providers
  3. Safety Checklist before Taxi Rides
  4. Cashless payments
  5. Take Away options
  6. Ride Cancellation
  7. And much more.


The On Demand Industry is thriving and this could be your turn to grow. All you need to do is launch your own multi service business using our Gojek Clone app that will help place you on the business map. Our app has a very intuitive flow and allows users to transition into it easily. Equipped with some of the best features of the industry this is the best option for every aspiring entrepreneur in the market today.



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