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April 26, 2022

Video is King – 30+ Video Marketing Statistics in 2022

Thanks to high-speed internet data, getting information in visual formats like images and videos has become easier than ever. Over the past few years, videos have become a crucial part of any business, and we’ve got all the statistics to prove why video is the king of the business world.


So, check the top 30 video marketing statistics in 2022 to better understand why it’s so essential for businesses.

Common Video Marketing Statistics |2022|

1. The conversion rate would potentially rise to 86% of businesses that use videos on landing pages. 

Source: Forbes

Watching a short video on landing pages helps visitors learn about the business product within minutes. This strategy helped the company Tutorvista to increase its conversion rate to 86%.

2. About 40% of marketers revealed that Covid-19 has profoundly impacted their plan of action around video marketing. 

Source: Wyzowl

The video marketing budget in 2021 got severely affected due to the pandemic, says 60% of video content creators.

3. About 68% of consumers say that the amount of video content they watch online got directly affected by the pandemic. 

Source: Wyzowl

The same survey found that about 96% of these consumers have watched more video content during the pandemic era.

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4. Mobile users contribute to around 62% of video views. 

Source: Ooyala

Consumers prefer to watch video content on their smartphones. Thus, most video maker tools now ensure mobile video optimization to cope with the trend.

5. Marketers have spent an average of over $16 million on video marketing.

Source: IAB

As per the video marketing stats, it’s clear that this market will keep growing every year. And that’s why multiple businesses are shifting to video marketing campaigns.

6. 65% of marketers consider it is challenging to create video content.

Source: OptinMonster

Several companies lack the knowledge on how to create video content efficiently and cost-effectively. However, the ROI from the investment in video production is always excellent.

Social Media Video Marketing Statistics 

7. About 45% of people watch videos on YouTube or Facebook for hours a week.

Source: Raw Shorts

Today, consumers enjoy watching videos on YouTube or Facebook during their lunch break or when they sip their morning coffee.

8. The global ad revenue of Facebook will rise to $9-$10 billion by the end of 2022.

Source: Statista

Since Facebook started introducing more video content, its revenue has grown significantly.

9. Almost 75-90% of Facebook ads include images. 

Source: Consumer Acquisition

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Embracing video marketing on Facebook has become essential for businesses to stay ahead of their competitors.

10. Almost 85% of Facebook video content is viewed without any sound.  

Source: Digiday

Apparently, a vast amount of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. Thus, it becomes crucial for video-makers to create something for a brand where sound won’t matter. Also, using closed captioning on videos can help.

11. Over 500 million hours of videos are watched online every day.

Source: Forbes

It resembles the immense potential of YouTube in video marketing. YouTube is a great platform to outreach the masses as it’s available in 76 languages.

12. In the US, about 62% of YouTube users have accessed the channel at least once every day in 2020. 

Source: Statista

Although video marketing on YouTube can take some cost, the high engagement of the audience from such videos will be gratifying.

13. 8 pm to 11 pm is considered the prime time when most people watch YouTube videos. 

Source: Think With Google

YouTube users enjoy both short and long content during the prime time of 8 pm to 11 pm.

14. Instagram videos have helped around 88% of advertisers to get success. 

Source: Wyzowl

Instagram has become more effective than other social media channels in driving more sales for marketers in these recent years.

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15. From $9.45 billion in 2019, the ad revenue of Instagram went up to a whopping $13.86 billion in 2020. 

Source: Statista

Video ads are considered highly effective on Instagram. Marketers are getting the best out of this social media channel’s increasing popularity.

16. On average, Instagram videos of 26-seconds duration get the most comments. 

Source: HubSpot

It has become essential to respect the time of viewers online. And videos of 30 seconds are perfect for any Instagram marketing campaign.

Video Marketing Statistics and Consumer Habits

17. Before making any purchase, 50% of online consumers look for product videos. 

Source: Think with Google

Product videos like testimonial videos or review videos have become essential for businesses to drive sales as most consumers look for them before making any purchase.

18. In the US, about 85% of all internet users watch online videos every month on almost any device. 

Source: Statista

As consumers spend most of their time watching videos on different devices, marketers need to post well-optimised content for both desktop and mobile.

19. When it comes to learning about a business product or service, 69% of people go for video over text. 

Source: Wyzowl

Consumers absorb information better by watching videos than by scrolling through the written text pages, as it’s more enjoyable and time-saving.

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20. After watching a video, viewers can retain 95% of its information.

Source: Forbes

As per stats, brand messages and text-only CTAs are less impactful than the videos. Also, videos get shared 1200% more than any text-based content.

Quick Glance At The Other Video Marketing Statistics

21. About 60% of people prefer watching videos on online platforms over watching them on TV.

Source: Think With Google

22. When it comes to product recommendations, around 60% of people prefer the suggestions from a YouTuber than some TV or movie star.

Source: Think With Google

23. The average consumer spends more time (88%) on a website with videos than spending it on a website that misses video content. 

Source: Forbes

24. The voiceover of your website video is your brand’s voice. However, 75% of consumers get annoyed by some type of voiceover and decide not to buy a product. 

Source: Wyzowl

25. Over 50% of consumers conduct research on a product/service after coming across its mobile ad. 

Source: Think With Google

26. Four out of five consumers believe that demo videos are highly beneficial.

Source: Animoto

27. In 2020, more than 85% of business enterprises utilised video content as their marketing tool. 

Source: HubSpot

28. According to recent statistical reports, 92% of marketers incorporate video content into their marketing strategy.

Source: Smart Insights

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29. Every two out of three marketers are now switching from TV advertisements to funding their money in digital video marketing. 

Source: IAB

30. About 53% of consumers connect and engage with a brand after watching one of its videos on social media. 

Source: Brightcove

Final Words 

Video is the king of content marketing. If you want your business to stay ahead of the competitors and reach the epitome of success, make video content a part of your marketing strategy.


Let’s hope that these above-mentioned video marketing statistics will help you understand the current situation in the advertising sector to enable you to develop a foolproof, optimised marketing plan.



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