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July 30, 2021

Can we link Digital transformation with E Signature online app?

The Covid-19 Pandemic is still a part of our life even after about one and a half years. The companies have not started their procedures and operations with full strength. Therefore, they have incorporated digital processes in their operations to keep business running. It means that digital transformation has become a new norm in the current world. More interestingly, digital solutions like E-Signature online app have become a permanent part of many organizations. Therefore, the companies can now enable the digitization of processes that will take them in the era of digital transformation.

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Factually, companies need electronic signature online for a long time. More importantly, this technology has been available to all since the end of the 20th century when the United States government made the Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN). This law allowed companies and individuals to start using an electronic signature for signing and approving digital documents. There is another act in the United States with the name of the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA) that is made to recognize electronic signatures legally and consider these signatures as the signatures in writing.

As we know that electronic signature online solutions are legally binding in all major countries of the world, businesses must go for these solutions for digital transformation. Currently, many top-regulated industries have been using this technology for documentation. For example, financial service providers have been using electronic signature online solutions to get signatures on legal documents from all stakeholders remotely. Therefore, nobody can claim that they do not know much about those industries where digital signature online solutions have not been incorporated yet.

How can we extract the benefits of digital transformation by using E-Signature online?

Here are some benefits that you can get and shift your operations in a digital environment:

Increased security

If you are in search of a more secure procedure for documentation where gathering signature is the most difficult task, you need digital signature online solutions instead of paper documents and a wet signature. The experts also think that losing paper documents can be easier than our expectations. In this way, these documents can go into the wrong hands because you cannot track these documents. On the other hand, online documents are more secure, you can find them easily, and there are minimal chances to lose these documents.

Another important aspect is that many E-signature online solutions offer audit trail. This feature tells you everything. For example, you know who signed the document with time, location, and device. For that, the service providers GPS coordinates and timestamps.

The story does not end here. When documents are signed, the best E Signature online solutions keep these documents in encrypted form. It helps keep your documents protected from any forgery or tampering. More interestingly, you can streamline the whole documentation process that helps you advance to the next step by sending these documents in encrypted form. Moreover, biometric technologies and digital identity verification processes make these electronic signature solutions the most secure digital solutions to keep all forgers and tempers away from your documents.

Reduced operational costs

As you use electronic signature entirely online, you do not need to use paper anymore for signing or transporting. Factually, it saves a lot of money that we have been spending on paper and other mailing supplies for decades. More importantly, it saves time for staff that was spending hours in filing and maintaining the documents.

Many companies have confirmed that they save thousands of dollars now that had been spent previously for toners, papers, and other mailing supplies for years.

Improved employee productivity

You do not need to spend now on rewriting or editing errors manually because e-signature online apps have replaced manual paper processes. It means that your employees have free time now, and they can be utilized more valuably and effectively. They can now be a part of improving the organization’s other operations and improve customer relationships.

Many organizations have confirmed that they can close numerous processes after digital transformation. For example, previously, many employees work were engaged in printing the documents, filing them, sending them to the concerned parties, removing errors, and storing them. Now, the same staff has numerous other tasks for the improvement of the organization to ensure that company is generating profits by reducing operational and administrative costs.

Enhanced customer experience

All businesses want to develop strong customer relationships. While talking about the benefits of digital signature online. We cannot ignore that these solutions help us provide a better customer experience. The reason is that paper-based processes can be lengthy, irritating, and old-fashioned. Today, customers expect that they will get digital services when they interact with you. Businesses need to understand it and try to focus on digital transformation now. Here, we want to mention that incorporating the best e-signature online app is the first step in this direction.

Some precautions before incorporating digital signature online solution

Globally, we can find that new laws have been designed to help businesses adopt electronic signatures online. Many may claim that they are good to use free E Signature software. However, these solutions do not help you use them for legally binding and to create customized ccontracts. These laws are effective only if you use an electronic signature contract and use E-Signature online app that allows you to use the most advanced features. The reason is that only these advanced applications keep you legal and legitimate while making electronic contracts.

Concluding Remarks

Overall, it is the COVID-19 Pandemic that has changed the whole concept of business globally. Working from home or remote working is a new norm to keep business running. It is the best solution to keep your customers engaged and generate revenues even on lockdown or off days. The popularity of E-Commerce solutions has made digitization more important for organizations. Here, incorporating an electronic signature app in the organization is the first step towards digital transformation. So, if you have not started using one of the best E Signature apps in your documentation and operations, you must go for it, otherwise, you will become irrelevant in only a few years.


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