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January 17, 2021

How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring – The Ultimate Checklist

Spring is here! And with it comes a sense of renewal along with a fresh outlook on life. You’re even eager to freshen up the home, decorating it to the nines so it too has a pep in its step. But where do you start?

Make the most of this recharging season and discover how to get your home ready for spring. With this checklist, you’ll have your home looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in no time.

Light Some Spring-Scented Candles

Add the familiar smells of spring through candles or diffusers. Scented candles come in all types of aromas and fragrances and can even invoke memories, so choose something you enjoy. For instance, you can choose beach candles that give off a scent of sandalwood and blooming bergamot flowers, calling to mind your family’s beachside cottage getaway you’ll soon visit. After all, research suggests smells trigger memories and emotions quicker than other senses.

In general, candles can simply make your home smell nicer, ridding it of all the stale air that’s been cooped up over the winter months. And if you have yet to put away the pumpkin- and sugar cookie-scented candles from the holidays, now is the time. Replace them with candles that lend floral and citrus notes to freshen up a room and make it feel more lively.

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Add a Pop of Color Among Neutrals

Add a Pop of Color Among Neutrals

When you think of spring, pastel colors and hues come to mind—that, and bright, earthy pops of fresh-grass green. So why not invite nature’s spring color palette inside as well? While neutrals provide a solid foundation along the walls of a home, making a space look larger, you can easily layer in softer colors through decor. Think pale cotton candy pinks and robin’s egg blues or even bright yellows like a daffodil.

You can then sprinkle in pops of bolder colors like emerald greens, navy and even tulip reds among the lighter shades, if you feel daring. Dark colors can make you feel secure and cozy in winter as the snow falls outside, but spring calls for something more energetic. One of the easiest ways to add color is through decor and even bringing in flowers straight from outside. You can also swap out artwork, hanging bright and bold illustrative graphics and prints or images of florals.

Bring in the Outdoors

As mentioned, a bouquet of flowers or budding potted plants is a terrific way to get your home ready for spring. Even if you lack a green thumb, pick up a bouquet of tulips or hydrangeas for a small vase or add some height with bright yellow forsythia stems.

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If  you do have a green thumb, however, scatter a few potted houseplants around the home. Consider a few easy-to-maintain indoor plants, such as succulents, palms and philodendrons. Nurturing your plants and seeing them grow can give a sense of accomplishment and total satisfaction. Not to mention, it makes your home look warm and inviting!

If you choose indoor plants, consider where they can get the most sunlight. Designate a sunlit area for your plants to remember to water them or set a reminder for yourself. Kitchen windows are an excellent place for plants, as is the bathroom, especially for plants that thrive on moisture and humidity.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Area

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Area

As you invite the outdoors in through botanicals, remember to bring the indoors out, too! While your outdoor living area might not have seen much action over winter, spring beckons you to remove the furniture covers and spruce up the patio. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, give your space what it deserves with a complete renovation. This could be anything from new pavers and privacy screens or even landscaping.

Even if you lack the funds for a total revamp, you can quickly get your home’s outdoor living area ready for spring by adding a few thoughtful touches. For example, you can upgrade to newer patio furniture, including a cafe table and chairs or even dual chaise loungers for total relaxation. One brilliant design idea is to use a rolling bar cart you can transition outside and serve food on for al fresco dining. Last but not least, add some torches around to keep the bugs away and hang some lanterns for ambiance.

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Switch Out the Tableware

Speaking of dining al fresco, one way you can get your home ready for spring is by switching out the tableware. Choose a light-colored set of plates and dishes, as well as glassware. For instance, you could pair white dishes with bubbly handmade glass tumblers with a festive colorful rim. For a picnic-inspired spread, you could even serve meals from speckled enamelware plates and shatterproof glasses, allowing you and guests to take meals outside to enjoy the fresh air.

Don’t forget to create a spring-inspired tablescape, too! Lay down a crisp linen runner, decorating it as you wish. Think of a trio of mossy potted plants or a bowl of citrusy lemons or oranges. Consider resting plates on woven grass chargers for a natural element. You can even incorporate Easter and Passover keepsakes and trinkets.

Rotate to Lighter Fabrics

Cable knit throws and faux fur blankets are wonderful for chilly winter days, but it’s time to switch to lighter fabrics when spring arrives. Take down the thermal curtains and replace them with something light and breezy, like sheers. If you have flannel bed sheets, now’s the time to rotate those, too, with crisp linens made of breathable bamboo and cotton materials.

Don’t just think in practical terms of curtains and bed linens. Consider swapping out fabrics of more decorative items like throw pillows and table runners. Many throw pillows offer removable cases that can easily be swapped out as the seasons change. Overall, lighter fabrics lend a more airy, lighthearted aesthetic that prepares your home for spring.

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