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August 9, 2021

5 Brilliant Hosting Platforms For Your Virtual Events


The virtual event industry is expanding! More and more virtual event platforms are being proposed in the market. In situations when in-person events were just not possible and managing professional meetings required an alternative, the modern age event hosting platforms promptly developed themselves to offer an equivalent substitute experience wherein people’s safety was the utmost priority.

Understanding the scope of this innovation in this industry, more exciting event hosting platforms are being devised with outstanding features, letting businesses and audiences collaborate, exchange business cards and information, and manage huge projects seamlessly with the use of the latest technologies. Thus, we can consider virtual platforms as an adaptable solution for hosting multi-session and multi-lingual events.


“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.” – Thomas Edison

What are virtual events?

A virtual event is defined as an online event that requires people interacting or making connections in a virtual environment, rather than having face-to-face interactions. They are extremely interactive, usually intending to offer a similar experience to the physical equivalents.


What are virtual event platforms?

A virtual event platform is an essential software that allows users to conduct virtual conferences, meetings, online trade shows, virtual sports events, seminars, etc in a virtual environment using digital means. They usually come packed with innovations that go beyond conventional video conferencing software.

Characteristics of a good virtual event platform:

  • An exciting landing page
  • Suitable scalability in terms of size, quality, and approaches to host the event
  • Most profitable networking and interaction features
  • Proper built-in webcasting choices for the hosts to be authorized to share content
  • Technical support
  • Includes features that help you with the complete procedure, starting from the registrations to advertising, collecting feedback, and obtaining detailed analytics
  • Offers cybersecurity and ensures protecting the personal data of virtual guests.

To simplify your research, we have curated a list of the 10 best virtual event platforms to pick from. These platforms have been always appreciated for their excellent event organization and management.

From hosting webinars to email marketing, these are all excellent means for anyone looking to host a prosperous virtual event:

  • Eventcube
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Introduced in 2014 as a contender to the already existing event platforms, they offer white label event ticketing and registration resolutions for music concerts, university fairs, corporate discussions, and more. 

Since then Eventcube has advanced on to extensively expand its feature set, along with the planning of an entire host of means for event handlers, membership clubs, and more. 

Eventcube’s Virtual Venue is recognized for conferencing, live broadcast, and exceptional interactivity. With various networking rooms, keynote performances, live streaming, and one-to-one messaging, Eventcube’s Virtual Venue software encourages participation from the comfort of the user’s desired location.

For people looking for a simple setup, Eventcube provides an alternative for the same. Eventcube’s Broadcast product gives self-service, stripped-back ticketed video streaming developed for comfortable use and enhanced results.

Also, it is a favorable choice for many because of its great customer support service. Their attentive team is always available to respond to any questions and their technical expertise is highly exceptional.


  1. Dreamcast 

Dreamcast is recognized as one of the most trusted and secure virtual event platforms. Directly from allowing organizers to conduct virtual meetings, conferences, expos, trade shows, job fairs, AGMs, town halls, exhibitions, webinars, or any other type of event, Dreamcast performs all in a secure and safe atmosphere. It is the platform that adheres to the data privacy and security guidelines and offers data privacy, transparency, and compliance to virtual attendees.

It specializes in modifying virtual experiences by offering useful & immersive features that allow you to seamlessly host engaging and customized virtual events, hybrid events, webinars, live streaming, and webcasting that best suits your business needs.

They are appreciated for hosting AI-powered virtual events that immensely benefit the exhibitors. AI matchmaking empowers the exhibitors to communicate and interact with all the interested attendees. AI matchmaking tools have a remarkable ability to evaluate the data. AI matchmaking in hybrid events or virtual events can be a brilliant option to analyze accurate data without any major hindrances.

All the virtual attendees present in a hybrid or virtual event often look for networking approaches. AI matchmaking is a brilliant feature to expand your networking strategy and get in contact with a wider range of audiences.

For any unforeseen error, Dreamcast has a team of skilled people who are able to solve any kind of technical or connectivity issues. They also perform a thorough dry-run before the D-day to avoid any glitches. 


  1. Airmeet
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Airmeet is one of those virtual event platforms that are best suitable for event organizers who are searching for bigger sponsorship and networking innovations. Airmeet conveniently integrates with Stripe which makes it easier to sell tickets for your events and you can also stream your event sessions on platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Airmeet has the capacity to host virtual events with up to 100k participants and event organizers can allow up to 300 sponsors on their platform.


  1. vFairs

Created after the exhibition hall arrangement, vFairs is an events platform that empowers event organizers to plan and conduct online conferences, trade shows, job festivals, and more. It provides abilities to conduct both live and semi-live webinars, with a striking 3D design, which eventually delivers a unique, captivating, and unforgettable experience for audiences, speakers, and sponsors. vFairs allows you to make your event absolutely yours with full visual and branding liberty.

vFairs excels in its customer service and support specialties. While associating with vFairs, you get your own project management team that ensures everything goes well. Your project manager helps you during the entire process -from designing to interpreting post-event reports.


  1. Hopin

Hopin is a distinguished virtual event software platform that allows the streaming of webinars and events seamlessly, it also offers various tactical strategies to engage with audiences in reception, stage, sessions, networking, and expo zones.

Hopin is an all-in-one platform that enables users to design, host, and host live events and webinars for almost 100,000 attendees.

Reception, stage, sessions, networking, and expo spaces deliver distinctive and personal communication with attendees.

Hopin gives the basics, such as chat, polls, Q&As, and customizable branded events, but what makes it different from the other platforms is the integrity of its event schedule tool. This tool is a swift and potent way of devising conferences and a series of events.


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