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February 25, 2022

How to Find the Perfect Hat for Your Head Shape

Finding a hat that is going to fit your head shape and will make you look good can be hard. Often you will need to go with the proper measurements to ensure you get one that is the right size to start with. For some, they may need to go with a larger sized hat to help fit their head and add the most comfort possible. 

Most of the hats that you would need to purchase will not be sold in a size like other clothing. This means that you need to know ahead of time whether you have a small, medium, or large head to help you get the assistance that you need with picking out a hat. The trick is to pick out a hat shape that is flattering for you and the size and shape of your head. 

But how will you get this done? Let’s take a look at some of the things that you should look for based on the shape of your head

Hats for Oval-Shaped Faces

Hats for Oval-Shaped Faces

The first face shape that we will look at is the oval-shaped face. A large brim will look better on this kind of head, but you want to make sure that the brim is proportionate to your personal height. So, if you are taller, you can go with a bigger brim, but if you are smaller, the brim should be a little smaller. 

The oval-shaped face is going to be more balanced than some of the other shapes that you can choose. Because of this balance, you have more possibilities with the brims and materials that you choose for your hat. 

Hats for Round-Shaped Face

Instead of having an oval-shaped face, it is possible that you will have a face that is more round. These faces are often shorter and wider, so you may want to go with a hat style that comes with a high crown. This allows you to add some more balance and height to the face any time that you wear that hat. 

Be careful about hats that go too low down the face or ones that have too large of a brim. These will make the balance off for your face and can be a bad thing to work on. Stick with a high crown hat to make it look great for you. 

Hats for Square-Shaped Face

Another face shape that you may have is a square-shaped face. This is a short and angular type of face and it is common for it to have a wide jaw-line. This is a little bit different than the oval-shaped that we talked about before, which means you may not be able to go with some of the same options as before. 

A good option when choosing a hat for this shape of face is to go with a brim that is irregular in shape. This will help to narrow the face a bit. You can even cock the hat a bit at an angle to help offset some of the angles that come with your face naturally. 

Hats for an Oblong-Shaped Face

For those who have this kind of face shape, it is going to look a lot longer than it is wide. You will need to find a hat that is able to help balance your face out and make it look better. The goal is to go with a full brim because that will help to widen out the long and narrow shape that the face has naturally. 

You should also look to avoid high crowns and small brims. These may be cute hats, but they are bad because they will make the face look very narrow and long. Always avoid the narrow and tall shapes if you want to make your hat look amazing.

Hats for Heart or Diamond Faces

It is also possible to have a face that is heart or diamond shape. These individuals are going to have jawlines that are very narrow. This means that you will need to go with a hat that is not going to make your forehead look too wide, or it could offset the balance even more than before. 

To help avoid making the chin and the jaw look more narrow than before, you should go with a style of hat that has a fairly narrow brim and one that will sit a bit closer to the head. This is not the head shape that will do well with the big and bulky types of hats. 

Knowing Which Hat Type is Best for Your Face

It can be hard to know what type of hat you should wear. There are a lot of different styles out there for you to choose from based on the shape of your head, but if you have never paid that much attention to the shape of your head in the past, it is difficult to know your shape or which hat is going to make the most sense for you. 

A good option is to look at the options and try to figure out the sizing and shape that will work the best for you. Looking at the different types of head shapes above, you should be able to narrow your head shape down to one or two of the shapes that we have listed above. 

If this is still down to two options, then it is time to go hat shopping. Use some of the suggestions for both of the head shapes you think fit you and then look in the mirror. This will give you a good idea on which hat is going to look the best

Choosing the Right Hat for Your Head Shape

There are so many great hats out there that you can choose, but not all of them will fit with your head shape or the style that you would like to go with. Take a look at some of the examples above to see which hat shape is right for you. 

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