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August 1, 2021

How News Collection Sources and How to Collect

How News Collection Sources

However, This source is useful to a journalist in compiling news because no news ever found at a fixed time or place. Journalists have to roam in the field to compile news. Because anywhere such an event can happen which can become an important news. To get the necessary information and information for any news, news organizations and journalists need some source or the other. This news source is either the news organization’s or the journalist’s own hands. Sources also include news agencies.

News collection sources

These news sources can be divided into three categories-
expected source,
predictive source,
unexpected source
Expected source

Such sources are already in the knowledge of journalists, only the journalist should have the skill to contact them and get the news from them. The main sources of these are-

Police Department- The biggest center of information is that of the Police Department. The police department is informed about all the incidents that take place in the entire district, which the policemen in-charge of the press tell to the journalists.

Press Releases- Government departments, public or private establishments and other persons or organizations write the news related to them in simple and clear language and send them for broadcast in the Bureau Office. There are four types of government releases.
Press Communications- Important decisions of governance are delivered to the newspapers through press communication. They do not require editing. The name, location and date of issue of the department concerned are mentioned on the bottom left corner of this release. While the reporter

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himself goes for the TV.

However, Press Release- Relatively less important decisions of the government through press release the newspaper R.T.V. sent to the channel offices for publication.

Hand-out- Various day-to-day matters, activities of the Ministry gave information through hand-out. These broadcast by the Press Information Bureau.

Non-departmental hand out- Information given orally disseminated through non-departmental hand out.

Government Department- Apart from the police department, other government departments are the center of news. Journalists go and compile the news themselves or this department keeps sending their achievements to the newspaper and TV offices for publication from time to time.

Corporate Office

However, The offices of private sector companies  interested in giving news related to their company. Many channels in television are based on trade.

Moreover, Courts- District courts, High Courts, Supreme Court decisions and directions giving by them to individuals or institutions are the main sources of news.
Interviews- Interviews of the heads of departments or other special persons are important parts of the news.

Press Conference-

Government and non-government organizations often organize press conferences to publish their achievements. The statements made by him give rise to news.
Follow-up of News – Detailed reports of important events make for interesting news. Viewers want to keep getting detailed information regarding big events. For this the reporters have to get to the bottom of the incidents.


News Committees- There are many such committees in the country and abroad which compile news of wide areas and present their member newspapers and TV for publication and broadcast.
PTI in main committees (India), UNI (India), AP (USA), AFP (France), Reuters (UK) etc. In addition to the above sources, meetings, conferences, literary and cultural events, assembly, parliament, municipal corporation, municipal meetings, mills, factories and all those places where events of social life found important sources of news.

Predictable source

In this category there are sources from where news expected but there is no certainty. It Can extract to get news from such sources only on the basis of conjecture. Like the problem of dirty settlements in big cities, dirty roads and drains in small towns.

How much and how are people’s lives affecting by them? What is the status of cleanliness and hygiene in hospitals? Why are there long lines there? Is there a shortage of doctors or are there not enough nurses and compounders?

Why are patients made to lie on the ground by laying a bed? Similarly, what are the educational problems in the university, college, school, its internal politics? Government schemes implemented. After implementing it, whether its people got benefit or not. Was it work after the foundation stone has laid or not? The progress of a construction work etc. are sources where forecasts occur and can be important.

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Unexpected source

Also, Journalist’s experience comes in handy for getting clues of news from this category of sources. Experienced journalists with a watchful eye, who have good contacts, do not find much difficulty in getting news from such sources. Signs of this type of news often found, which quickly caught by experienced journalists and then start searching for them. For example-

Moreover, The construction department of the city had taken up the task of constructing a multi-storeyed giant building.

However, Now the news started moving in a right direction. When we tried to know about the personal property of the officials concerned, it found that two officers are getting their houses constructing at the same time. The goods and laborers on their buildings belonged to the same contractor who was constructing a multi-storey government building, but now these people have also stopped the work. After thorough investigation, it finally found that this whole matter is a huge scam in which contractors and officials are misusing public money together.

In conclusion, News from various sources can be successfullyexploited by the same journalist who is tactful and has the ability to understand the human mind and nature. Needless to say that taking full advantage of the sources is an art in itself and the more expert the journalist in this work, the more depth, novelty, finesse and usefulness will be in his news.

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Building a Marketing Plan: A Complete Guide

1. Title

The title of any news first affects us, after that we decide which news is worth reading or not. Therefore, the title is given in capital letters or in bold type. The title message should be short and shocking.  News headlines are of great importance. He calls out to the readers. Repeat this over and over again I am important, I am attractive.

2 . Intro or lead

‘Who’ “Bharatiya Janata Party National President LK Advani, 80, admitted to hospital today”.
‘What'” In the collision of two buses in Delhi today, 40 persons died and 14 are injured, out of which the condition of 4 is critical.
‘Where’ “Heavy snowfall in Shimla town of Himachal Pradesh since last night”.
“When” “The Prime Minister informed the Lok Sabha members today that there would be no settlement with the militants in Kashmir, he gave this answer in the context of the question of Leader of the Opposition, Atal Bihari Bajpayee”.

‘Why’ Two teenage boys and girls committed suicide in Delhi because their parents  against their marriage.
‘How’ “A Japanese climber died on top of Mount Everest due to a cold gust of ice”. The intro is writing in an inverted pyramidal style. So that even if the main points of the news come in the very first article of the news and if for some reason more part of the news has to be edited, then even then the basic element of the news reaches the public.

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3. Remaining part of news

From the body the reader completely connected to the news. The remaining part or body of the news keeps the following elements, they are – simplicity, clarity and coherence etc. If the reader has to take the help of dictionary even once to read the newspaper, then understand that your news writing has failed.

The ability of a successful journalist to present news in a narrative form that is lush, intoxicating, cheeky and interesting. Whenever these rules violated, the wise man will leave him and go to sleep.

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