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August 26, 2021

How do you care for a bamboo pillow?

It is not a secret that pillows add to the quality of your sleep and the quality of pillows adds to your sleep. Yet, it only makes sense to take care of your sleep essentials and do it properly. There are only some ways to take care of one of your sleeping essentials that is a bamboo pillow. As here we will only focus on the pillow. To take care of the pillow you can do things like not folding it, keeping it away from dirt, allergens and washing them regularly but with care.

A goodnight’s sleep is only a dream for some as many have a repetitive pattern of sleepless nights that can cause mental stress with other unwanted things. People think that investing in expensive sleepwear can solve the problem but that also does not solve anything sometimes.

Instead of just spending money one should just put effort into understanding the dynamics of it.  The first reason may be the mattress and the second thing most essential is the firm pillow.  Go for a bamboo pillow and the name is derived from the bamboo fibres used to help create the material weave found in the casing. These pillows are usually filled with shredded memory foam. The fibres from the bamboo pillow is extracted from the pulp of the bamboo and made into a viscous-like substance. Bamboo fibres are not the only fibres woven but other natural or synthetic threads are used to create a uniquely soft pillow casing.


Have you washed your bamboo pillow?

To ensure the durability and long life of the pillow one has to wash his bamboo pillow from time to time. When was the last time you gave your pillow a good wash? If you are having a hard time remembering then maybe it is time that you wash it already.

All have different reasons for not washing their pillow-like it is time-consuming or they do not exactly know how to wash them. A reason for pillows losing their shape and becoming clumsy is that they are not washed. But the fact is that pillows play a role in our sleep so a little exertion for them is not too much to do.  Bamboo Pillow has many benefits even for people that are experiencing issues like cervical, back pain. These queen pillows have gel-filling, adaptable padding, or destroyed adaptable padding inside and get their name from the fibres and not their stuffing.

Why would you care for a bamboo pillow?

It may seem absurd for you to care for your bamboo pillow, but given the benefits, you will not frown upon doing any additional endeavours for this pillow.

Benefits of these pillows:

  1. These pillows are soft and delicate and will ensure that your skin doesn’t get bothered because of the texture of these pillows.
  2. Being hypoallergenic and antimicrobial means it is good for individuals with hypersensitivities.
  3. Sleepsia Bamboo Pillow is profoundly adjustable and appropriate for everybody because they have a flexible space.
  4. These pillows are highly breathable and remain cool which forestalls overheating around evening time.
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Many are already using bamboo pillows so it is important they know how to wash these and clean these.

Are Bamboo Pillows washable?

Well, yes, of course, they are washable but there are some things to be kept in mind while washing them.

Wash it with care, and below are a few safeguards to get a clean and new king pillow.

Steps to wash a bamboo pillow:

  1. Wash the bamboo pillow in a machine: When you wash it in a machine, use a gentle cleanser and do not use warm water it should be tepid, neither too cold nor excessively hot.
  2. Hand wash the bamboo pillow: the first safeguard is the same that uses a delicate cleanser and tepid water. Then, you should absorb the pillow in water for 10-15 minutes. After dousing, you should ensure to remove all the extra cleanser.
  3. Air-dry the pillow: remember a machine dryer will make your pillow clumsy and rusty so do not do it in a dryer instead air dry the pillow.

Now you know how you can take care of your pillow and what the proper way of washing it is. So wash your memory foam pillow today if you have not done it for a while and you can buy a comfortable and relaxing pillow at Sleepsia.

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