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June 21, 2021

8 Facts to Know about Termite Control

Termites called as white ants make their tunnels in most wood. Whilst they make holes in the furniture, they can cause excessive damage to timber, logs and wood. Climate of Melbourne is quite suitable for the growth of termites.

Heat combined with moisture is an ideal situation for these insects. If you happen to notice colonies of termites dwelling on the doors, windows, trees or furniture, then call our experts as soon as possible for besttermite control Melbourne.

However, it is also necessary to know a few facts on termites. They are listed below. Please have a look!

  • Only landed homes tend to be infested with a termite

Most would associate termite issues due to the nature and structural building of a landed property. For example, a backyard, courtyard, front pouch for the garden, massive structure, flooring and beams that have been built.

You know, however, that termites can travel up to 25 or more storeys? Yeah, termites can go up and down both sideways. This means that there is also a risk of a terminal infestation in HDB flats and condominiums. Finally, termites might even be able to commute from your nearby areas.

  • Every residence is secure as long as initial control is carried out.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that your property is safe from termites, as long as the earlier home-owner has received an anti-term treatment or previous temporary services for your home. For a couple of reasons:

  • Treatment must have reduced its effect on the area with time
  • The area covered in the pest application may be insufficient
  • The invasion of termites can happen through different entry sources.
  • Regular house activities and lifestyles can affect an infestation
  • Somewhere you might have introduced termite-infested furnishings
  • Sunlight exposure to furniture and home is beneficial in eradication of the termite.

If your furniture is exposed to direct sunlight, the heat emitted by termites can be eliminated and any humidity that thrives in termites can dehydrate.


However, the entire furniture or the existing infestations and the 24/7 termite activity taking place every day cannot be covered by this approach. The protection of structural beams and floors is also not addressed and also risks an invasion problem. Thus, termite control in Melbourne should be implemented.

  1. Old houses run the risk of an infestation with termite
  • The majority believe that the old houses with poor structural conditions, including termites, are in danger of all pests. It is correct to a certain extent because of:
  • The wear and tear of pipe and plumbing due to defects
  • Cracks and gaps were caused by deteriorating structure and development
  • Moisture and humidity in the house that encourages termites
  • The residual effect may have expired due to pre-construction termite treatment
  • Existing historical condition of termite not addressed
  • Lower infestation risks as long as minimum wood furnishings are used

There are plenty of opportunities and possibilities for termites where you live. They live in the ground, build paths in addition to furniture, and plan their routes with mud tubes.

For Dampwoods, for example Termites, commonly found outside the home, live within the wood, like a log or branch. However, in the dome, the door frames and the wooden framing around the house is also Drywood Termite, which is a common house pest problem.

  • If there are ants around, there will be no termites

We should debug the fact that either termites or ants found in a home are a pest myth. Some reasons why this myth should be clarified here:

  • Food sources such as sugar and grey foods make them present.
  • Carpenter ants are found in furniture as well
  • While ants eat termites, it is impossible to eliminate the colony of thousands of workers
  • The establishment of the home can lead to a termite problem
  • Due to its different habitats, the two pest types can be present at the same time
  • The flying termites were mistaken for flying

The flying termites that you get to see near the house are called swarmers. They have pinched waists with wings that are the same length as ants. Usually, during damp weather or humid conditions, you will notice them and they usually take place in the daytime and at night.

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Although these swarmers are not an indicator of an infestation, it is always good to seek an occupational termite infestation in order to rule out any possible termite problems.

  • Dust has been ignored as possible termite sign

Do you know that dirt and sawdust lying on the surfaces of the windows or panes or floors would be a sign of termites? Those are not dirt and dread, because of household gaps, but the drops of termites that are known as frass. Very small in length about 1 mm, dust or sprinkles of seasoning like pepper are easily mistaken.

Thus, after knowing the facts and the issues that can be threatened by termites, pest control is important.  Our specialists in termite control Melbourne always reach and manage each case perfectly on time. You simply have to reserve the service and relax at home.

However, only because of time, the seriousness of damage increases, ensure you detect early signs of termites. Once they start expanding at a faster rate, normal procedures fail and advanced methods are implemented. They do not destroy them. If you have any queries, you can always reach us at XXXXXXX. Feel free to connect with us!


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