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August 11, 2021

How is Computer Monitoring Software useful for Parents

They say teenage is the most carefree age of human life. But let’s just admit that it is also the one where the human mind is most vulnerable and sensitive to outer and inner voices. One can achieve whatever one wants or can drown in one’s own thoughts in this age.

  • Pew research centre states depression, bullying, drug and abuse as major concerns of the American teenagers belonging to the age group of 13-17.
  • Mental stress is the most common problem as every 7 teens among 10 admitted that people in their circle are struggling with depression and anxiety.

With more dependence on gadgets and less human contact mental and physical issues are penetrating the teenage groups and parents are helpless. To help the worried and anxious parents technology is offering services in the form of android spy apps and monitoring software. One of the best computer monitoring software for parents is the OgyMogy that offers tons of extremely beneficial features to monitor the tech generation. Details of the offered features are as follows.

Real-Time Screen Monitoring:

Watch out for the screen time in your teen life and things will automatically start getting better. Too much dependence on the screen has made us humans so much lazy. OgyMogy offers a real-time screen monitoring feature that allows the user to watch the screen of the target at any given time. You can check their screen activities and know how much time they spend on the gadgets on average per day.

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Website Blocking:

With easy internet access, the curious mind of teenagers can get any information from the web irrespective of destructive effects.  Control the web traffic of your teen by using the web blocking feature offered by the best computer monitoring software for parents the OgyMogy. You need to block all the porn sites, any sexual content, or triggering stuff from the teen’s device. Remotely control the teenager and the web contents and make sure they positively use the most advanced invention.

Online And Offline Tracking:

The young generation is smart they know how to handle things and especially when we talk about gadgets they are much better than old people. But don’t take that to heart as the spy app are here for parents. Even if the teen tries to turn off the internet or wifi you can keep a check on the computer activities with OgyMogy. Secretly monitor the screen activities and keep control of the gadget and your kid remotely.

Invisible Tracking Mode Facility:

No doubt OgyMogy is the best computer monitoring software for parents as they help you to keep your cool image in front of your kid along with real-time reporting about the whereabouts. You can remotely use the spy app and keep that a secret from the target person as the invisible tracking mode facility helps you to know bout them in detail without letting them know.

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Keystroke Logging:

Everything involves keystrokes and OgyMogy lets you know about every keystroke typed on your kid’s device. The keystroke logging feature keeps the record of every type of search keyword on the internet, a message, email details, or social media activity report for the parents. You can even know about any secret account information along with password details as well by using the keystroke logging feature offered by the best computer monitoring software for parents.

Browsing History:

Track every website visited by your teen and know about their interest and hobbies. Users can remotely access all the websites of the target teen’s device easily by using the track internet browsing history feature.  Make cyberspace a safe place for your kid and protect them from online bullying and other hazards.

Mic Bug:

Online gaming and instant message chat apps usage are common among teenagers. Both of them and many other functions involve mic activity. You can simply use the mic bug feature can listen to the target teen’s random chats and discussion remotely without letting them know. Find out who they talk to through the instant message chat apps and know about their online friends.

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Mac and Window user go check OgyMogy.com and find out about many other interesting features offered as parental control. Select your favorite package and start tracking.






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