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December 9, 2021

When And Why You Will Need To Hire A Criminal Lawyer

Legal passes and problems can turn intricate if it is your very first. Being charged with a legal crime can seem tricky with no knowledge about the current legal laws and proceedings. In such cases, hiring a criminal defence lawyer is the best thing to do. Irrespective of whether the charged crime is minor or major, on you or your loved one, a defence lawyer can help turn the tables wisely. A defence lawyer sets all the pieces to advocate for the accused and argues o their behalf in the courtroom. On the bottom line, they do everything within the law to clear the charges made on the accused.


Signs that Indicate You need a Criminal defence advocate

While hiring a criminal defence advocate might not be an everyday essential for anyone, certain circumstances intend you to do it. Around 67% of Australian solicitors practice in private, so hiring one isn’t going to be problematic. Most criminal charges can be heavily fined or sentenced to a jail term. Here are a list of signs and situations when hiring a criminal defence advocate is a must,


  1. You are charged with a criminal offence/ arrested

There are several situations where you might get charged or arrested for a public or criminal arrest unexpectedly. If you are unaware of the lawsuit and the exact proceedings, it is pretty natural to feel intimidated and helpless. Being charged or arrested can also turn a social stigma, so there is no doubt you will need to feel free and out of the accusation very soon. In such cases, where you get arrested for an unintentional crime, a criminal defence advocate can assist you in the best way possible.

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2.Police Interrogations

There cannot be anything worse than police officials turning up at your home to have a primary level of interrogation regarding a trespassing offence or a criminal activity. Especially if you live with a family, the situation can put you in an emotionally weak phase.


In an emotionally unstable situation, answering mindfully and lawfully to the questioning can be nearly impossible. In such cases, having a criminal defence lawyer by your side will ensure that your rights get preserved. Getting assisted by a defence advocate will also intend you to get treated rightly.


  1. You are under police custody and questioning

Once you get charged for a crime and you do not have a criminal lawyer to defend from your side, the next level will put you under police questioning. And there is no doubt, police will try excerpting maximum information and statements about the crime.


Though it is the regular proceedings, some questions can be emotionally enigmatic and trigger you wrongly. Also, without a law background, handling such intrusive situations can be arduous. In such cases, your statements can get misinterpreted, which can turn in favour of the prosecutor.


When you have a criminal defence advocate hired beforehand, you have a choice to consult your defence attorney before undergoing police questioning. In such a consultation session with your counsel, you can be aware of intimidating questions that can get worked against you. Eventually, you will get a clear picture of how to tackle them.

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  1. Your criminal record is pending

There might be instances in the past where you would have been charged with a minor offence. And sometimes, such cases are still on your record without being legally cleared. When it comes to background and legal checks, such records on your profile can be a massive setback.


Criminal defence attorneys do not just advocate on your behalf on a current case but can also help you get out of previous records within the law.

Author Name: Mary Kate


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