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August 7, 2021

What Do Concrete Framing Technicians Do?

concrete framing technician is a professional that deals with the usage of concrete based on various applications. Apart from that, they may have to devise new methods when it comes to using concrete and other materials. In addition, there are many laboratory tests available for the testing of concrete. Therefore, the technician mainly manages the responsibilities after the concrete has been poured and hardened. Besides, they might also have to inspect the overall result of the project. However, before initiating any project, you might have to book a consultation with a concrete framing technician. You would need adequate information about what kind of structure you will be building and the quantity of concrete.  

What Qualifications do You Need to be a Concrete Framing Technician?

If you wish to pursue a career as a concrete technician, you will need an entry-level diploma or an equivalent. Besides, a good apprenticeship experience is also reasonably necessary. You can enroll in framing classes and gain hands-on knowledge about the various aspects of construction. Apart from that, many masonry schools today offer advanced-level construction training programs for an affordable price. You may need a valid license in concrete training if you wish to work in other states. Some employers usually ask for a bachelor’s degree or an associate. Some of the essential skills for this trade are mathematics and basic science. As a technician, you may have to spend most of your time within the construction field since the primary usage of concrete applies here.

What are the Responsibilities of a Concrete Technician?

Indeed, technology advances at every stage. A technician might have to be up-to-date when it comes to new techniques for the usage of concrete. Apart from that, they need to be familiar with all the new construction processes and inspecting and testing procedures. There may be times when a concrete technician might have to be responsible for devising new ways of providing further instructions for the project’s progress. Besides, they may also have to supervise other workers in the field when handling raw materials or managing concrete. Indeed, all these responsibilities ensure that the finished product comes out solid and durable! By joining a reputable masonry school, one can get familiar with all the duties and responsibilities of a concrete technician.

What Skills do You Need to be a Concrete Technician?

masonry school
Layering and concrete training at masonry classes in masonry school

There are a few skills that a concrete technician needs to master to be a professional. Since this role can be pretty challenging, a technician is sure to achieve rewards if they work with patience and determination. A few of the skills that a student might require are listed below.

  • Physical Tolerance
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Since a concrete technician’s role can be pretty challenging, students need to have good strength and stamina to carry out different activities in the construction field. Indeed, when it comes to this industry, physical force plays a huge role in the project’s progress.

  • Mathematical Skills

Good knowledge of Mathematics, as well as geometry, can help technicians to calculate building raw materials needed. Besides, with this skill, they can also keep track of measurements and manual labor. An experienced concrete technician might also have to deal with documentation and supervision. 

  • Good Physical Coordination

Good technicians usually have to work with their hands. Thus, for such activities, there needs to be an element of agility. Indeed, the construction industry requires its workers to w sit or stand for quite a long time. Thus, simultaneous coordination between the hands and the eyes may be reasonably necessary to complete the project precisely.

How High is the Demand for Concrete Technicians at the Moment?

Since the construction industry is progressing, new doors for job seekers will open. With exceptional construction training programs, one can increase their chances of bagging a high-paying role as a concrete technician. The BLS expects the employment rate for this role to grow about 3 percent up till 2029. Indeed, it is no doubt that concreting and framing are pretty essential for building solid foundations. A concrete framing technician carries out his responsibilities and serves his community at the end of the day. Many institutions provide high-level masonry classes for students to keep up with the pace of new technology and techniques in construction. Apart from that, experienced instructors are sure to guide you at almost every stage. You can expect to finish off this course in around twenty-six weeks. The placement rate at the moment is about 92%.  


Indeed, your career as a concrete technician is sure to bloom with patience and hard work. Apart from that, you can progress along with the construction industry at quite an exhilarating pace. Therefore, consider enrolling in an advanced construction training program today!


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