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Why Go for Non-Surgical Ways for Skin Tightening?

Many people want to reverse the process of aging and opt for various treatments to look younger than their age. Skin tightening is one such procedure in which the skin is made to look younger and smoother. These days, the non-surgical ways to tighten the skin have become more popular than ever before. They don’t want to undergo the knife and remain secluded for many weeks. Skin tightening in Memphis is the most reliable way to get the desired results. It is imperative to understand the benefits of non-surgical ways to get your skin tightened.

Enhanced elasticity and lift of the face

Unlike surgical methods, heat is used to tighten the skin. It provides better elasticity and a lift to the face. By heating the surface area, the skin becomes tighter and firmer than ever before because the collagen under the skin gets affected. It is able to define the facial features in a better manner and achieve the desired results in no time.

Look younger naturally 

In most surgical treatments, the skin is stretched so that it looks tighter. However, it is not the case in the non-surgical method.  The skin is not stretched in an unnatural way. The natural process of the body is used to tighten the skin and the results last for a long time. A single sitting shows the results in about 2 to 6 months. As it is a more natural process, the post-treatment risks are fewer.

No need to stay back at home

In the surgical process, you might need to stay at home because of the healing and recovery process. You may not be able to carry out your daily activities. On the contrary, the non-surgical process does not require you to take a break from your daily work. That’s why it is the best treatment option for those who cannot sit at home and stay away from work for a long time.

Less discomfort for the patient

For those people, who cannot bear the discomfort and pain, this treatment option is the smartest choice. It does not cause any anxiety or stress while you are on your road to recovery. It just comes as a warming sensation that is tolerable and does not require much attention because it goes away with time.

If you want to look younger and are looking for the best clinic where you can get what you want, you should search online and make a call today!

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Non surgical Treatment Options 400x300 1 - Non-surgical Treatment Options For Varicose Veins

Non-surgical Treatment Options For Varicose Veins

Those bumped, bluish, or purple scars on your calf and shin aren’t just rashes. They are something more troublesome. And they’re called varicose veins. 

Varicose veins are so common that about 20% of adults are expected to suffer from them sometime in their life. The malfunctions can be challenging both physically and mentally due to the pain and abnormal appearance of the legs. So if you’re suffering from varicose veins, too, you should start looking for suitable treatment options.

Although severe cases of varicose veins might require surgery, non-surgical options work wonders for most people. Wondering what they are? Check out varicose veins treatment options here.

Non Surgical Treatment Options for Varicose Veins

Non Surgical Treatment Options


It is a treatment procedure used to treat the damages of blood vessels and lymph. The treatment is an effective treatment for varicose veins. In sclerotherapy, an injection is given to the patients to shrink the veins. The treatment can be done with ultrasound-guided technology to ensure that the injection is delivered in the right vein. 

Sclerotherapy does not cause any discomfort to patients. It can be carried out easily with minimum restrictions for the patients. Another big plus for sclerotherapy is that it is compatible with imaging techniques. Older therapies do not match well with technology, but sclerotherapy’s effectiveness increases with imaging technologies.


Radiofrequency Ablation or RFA shrinks the size of tumors and other similar growth in your body. In this technique, radioactive signals are sent to the cell that causes the surrounding cells to die. This happens because of deflation in the surrounding cells. 

The recovery time for RFA is incredibly short. Patients undergoing RFA can go to their home immediately and resume their work in just 24 hours. Plus, the procedure is low-risk. It can be done under regular anesthesia and does not require any special measures. The therapy also gives you minimum discomfort to help you stay on track in life.


Endovenous Laser Treatment or EVLT is a method to treat people with large and bulging varicose veins. The procedure starts with a duplex ultrasound that produces a report on the situation of your veins. Once done, your doctor will make a hole in your body and pass a catheter using ultrasound imaging. After the catheter reaches the destination, heat is passed to the body to make the veins smaller and smaller and eventually collapse. 

The method is exceptionally comfortable, and no real pain is caused during the treatment. EVLT is generally covered under most health insurance. So it gives you the luxury to afford effective treatment. EVLT is a super-fast method as it takes just an hour to operate on the patient. Also, you can start your work immediately with a little bit of rest. Because only one incision is done on your body, you won’t need sedatives or too many precautions to recover.


The VenaSeal method of treatment includes the application of a medical adhesive on and around the affected vein. It causes the surrounding blood to divert itself to the healthier vein. This leads to the lack of blood in the varicose veins, which eventually collapses. The method is slow but comfortable as it doesn’t contain any kind of fluid or rays passing through the body.

The simple procedure of the VenaSeal closure method makes it accessible to everyone. Also, the cost of adhesive is minimal as compared to other surgeries. It doesn’t require any anesthesia, so it doesn’t hamper your daily chores either. And the pain is also the least as compared to other varicose veins treatment options.  

Compression Therapy

Compression therapy includes methods that use controlled pressure to increase the blood flow in your legs. It supports your veins and reduces swelling. The most common way to implement compression therapy is through compression stockings. You can also use compression wraps to do compression therapy. The method is a well-researched and approved way to get rid of varicose veins.

You must also consult your practitioner regularly for the frequent changes in pressure required for the best results. The best part about compression therapy is that you can go out with just a compression band that looks pretty cool if you are going somewhere casual. If you are going for your official work, you can always hide it under your pants. 

Get Rid of Varicose Veins!

You’ll indeed find the right non-surgical treatment option for your varicose veins if you consult a vein specialist. Follow all their advice, and make some changes to adopt a healthy lifestyle. That way, you’ll soon be free of those ugly and painful varicose veins. 

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