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July 27, 2021

Handy Tips For Taking Care Of Lilies

People from almost all walks of life love to have a look at the little but irresistibly gorgeous lilies and experience their sweet fragrance during the early morning hours. These flowers have earned the fame of adding beautiful color to gardens or yards of any type or size, especially during early to mid-summer. They are basically perennial blossoms that often bloom to be healthy and happy with very minimal external care. Good quality blossoms of this nature are mainly featured with a swoon scent, solid stems and substantial petals that make them the most preferred choice of everyone. Although floral arrangements of this nature are designed to grow to their full capacity, you can also plant them in a pot of any size.  The only condition is having ample space to allow the plant to spread anywhere it wishes. Here in this article, we will explain to you how to grow them.


Find The Right Area:


Just like all other blossoms, lilies also require the right area and environment to grow to their full. Think about cultivating them in a piece of land with optimum sunlight and drainage of excess water for getting the desired result. The plants bearing these floral arrangements often grow up to medium size. Focus on finding a spot that receives ample sunlight till midday. Some variants prefer full-day sunlight. The leaves of the plants often tend to be infested by pests and insects if not grown under the ideal condition. Choosing the right location often takes much, and hence you must always make sure you have enough time to take up a project of this nature. Lilies often come ready for plants and lack a papery layer known as a tunic that keeps them drying out. It is advisable to plant them at the earliest after bringing them home. If you cannot because of some more important engagement, then consider storing in a cold and dark place away from direct sunlight. Today, most men and women are extensively using online flower delivery due to the added convenience.


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No doubt, lilies prefer full sunlight; their bulbs usually like to stay in a dark place. For this reason, you would be better by placing them in a 12 – 15 inches deep hole. Keep in mind that the deeper the ditch is, the better it would be.


Clean all the waste at the bottom of the hole, sprinkle a little bone meal at the place before placing your delicate buds there. You are also free to ask for some help from your close ones or family members, who would often be super excited to play an active role throughout the entire process.


Add As Much Mulch As Possible:


Did you know that lilies are one of the blossoms that prefer to be surrounded by organic material for keeping the surrounding soil moist and cool? If not, then better know it now. Create the base by spreading compost, rotten manure, or long-lasting mulch close to the plant. If you expect cold weather in the area during the upcoming days, apply a top coating over the plants to protect from the harsh climate. Special care is undoubtedly needed in the trumpet variant that is severely vulnerable to the damage caused by frost.


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Supply your favorite blossoms with a bit of well-balanced fertilizer; they push up new growth. Too much fertilizer may often lead to weak stems.


Water Your Flowers Only When Needed:


Lilies hardly need any water, and hence you need to water them only when required. Understand your flowers well before sticking to a watering strategy, as it may not work equally effectively for all the variants. For instance, the Asiatic and Orienpet ones are often powered to survive the hot weather without any watering. The Oriental variant needs water during the peak summer season flowers of this type hardly bloom until August. Send flowers to make your loved ones feel special when you find that some of their special events are approaching fast.


Consider adding mulch during summer to bring down the need for water to a minimum during this period.


Following the above-discussed tips to ensure healthy growth of lilies for establishing close contact with nature.

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