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December 9, 2021

4 Considerations You Should Keep In Mind Before Buying A Frying Pan

Once you decide to shop for new cookware or accessorise your new kitchen, buying the right cookware becomes extensively significant. The appropriate cookware can determine your cooking pace, taste and even minimise cooking time. On that note, every chef must have the best frying pan on their wishlist. Fry pans are well known for giving a balanced heat dispersion, making fried foods crispier and evenly cooked. Some even report fried food to be much flavoured and fresh than typically toasted ones. Another benefit of fry pans is that they are compact yet accommodate regular and even extra food amounts.


Saute pans can play a vital role in quick and amateur cooking. Whether a boarding student or a new cook, a frying pan can serve multiple purposes, from searing to browning foods. Post pandemic, Australians have started to prefer cooking at homes over eating out. The fact that a single saute pan can allow versatile cooking has made it a cookware essential. So, here are four things to know and consider while you shop for a saute pan,


Getting to know the types

With saute pans, you will come across three broad choices varying with the material they are made out of. Primarily, you will find non-stick pans as they are pretty popular among cooks who prefer pans with non-reactive coating. Also, non-stick pans are easy to clean and the best bet to make if you are hesitant about investing in a dishwasher. The next type is stainless steel fry pans. They are the best to buy if you are looking for durable and long-lasting saute pans.

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Like non-stick pans, stainless steel fry pans are also non-reactive and never leave an interfering taste on your food. However, stainless steel pans can be pretty heavy and require care to handle. The third type is cast iron pan. They work best for searing and leave you with the best results when seasoned the right way.


Choosing the right size

With fry pans, it is necessary to choose the right size. To ensure you pick the appropriately sized pan, you might have to consider your knob’s size and what recipes you will use for the pan. For instance, smaller pans are best suitable for making sauces or other toppings. On the other hand, if you use the saute pan for cooking multiple eggs or sauteing meat, an 8 or 10-inch pan will be the most appropriate choice. Additionally, you will also have to check out the thickness. The thumb rule is, the thicker the pan, the better its durability and performance. When it comes to how heavy the pan must be, pans with a heavier base will distribute the heat evenly.


The handle type

Undoubtedly, handles are an integral part of fry pans, and the fact that there are a few types under it cannot get neglected. It is better to prefer pans that come with stainless steel handles as they are easy to hold and are sturdy. Silicone handles are durable and better than plastic handles. Lastly, ensure that the handles are welded. Screwed handles are also a good choice but welded handles take the upper hand.

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Are they regular wash-friendly?

Buying the right fry pan is inevitable but maintaining and caring for a frying pan is equally significant. Always ensure to buy pans that are safe for regular washes. However, if you have a dishwasher, you will have to cross-check if the pan is dishwasher-friendly. Some pans might lose the coating while you wash them with a regular dishwasher and soap. For instance, stainless steel pans are dishwasher safe and casted iron pans can withstand all wash types.

Author Name: Mary Kate


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