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Environmentally Friendly Fuel Sources to Get Behind in 2022

The average consumer is working hard to change their lifestyle to be more eco-friendly, yet it’s hard to know where the future is leading us. Multiple forms of energy are coming to the front of the race, and there’s a lot of information and misinformation about each of them.

These are some of the best fuel sources for everyone out there, and why it’s a good idea to support them in 2022!

Why Make the Change?

The current system in place for most of America is known for releasing toxic chemicals and destroying the environment to work. For a fuel to be considered green, it must be more environmentally friendly and emit far less pollution.

Although it can be difficult to do much as an individual, by figuring out if it’s possible to change or supplement your fuel sources with green fuel, you can help show local governments this is something worth switching to.

Solar Power

Solar power has been a hot topic for over forty years, with the public’s opinion on it going back and forth. This green fuel source is clean to use: but it does need plastic in its construction, which is a concern for many.

In addition, this type of power is uncomfortably expensive for the average homeowner. Still, when implemented on a massive scale, it’s incredibly useful at lowering any other kind of energy consumption for the average household.

Wind Power

Wind power has been pushing its way up the ranks in popularity in recent years, with even Texas pulling a large portion of its energy from this source. Although it takes up a lot of room to do because of the extremely large turbines, it’s worth it for the incredible amount of clean energy it puts off.

This energy source is green because it doesn’t take up finite resources, doesn’t pollute beyond what happens during the construction of the turbines, and can be created in almost every state. Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, it does take up a lot of room, and some don’t find it aesthetically pleasing: but it’s a source of power we should all be supporting.

Propane Fuel

Many assume that all fossil fuels are the main culprit: but not all are bad. Propane is a green and clean energy source that doesn’t let off pollution and is incredibly safe and long-lasting for consumers.

Thankfully this type of fuel is becoming far more popular and common, meaning that most parts of the country have a local propane supplier to offer it. This is an awesome choice if you’re making the switch and something the average consumer can be actionable about.

Moving Forward Means Moving to Greener Energy

The Earth has been through a lot of turmoil, with global warming, massive weather pattern shifts, and incredible amounts of pollution, and it’s time we do everything we can to help it heal. Consider supporting one of these Earth-friendly fuel sources in 2022 so that we can step into a better future.

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family on a beach standing looking into camera - Is Naples, FL, a family-friendly destination?

Is Naples, FL, a family-friendly destination?

Could it be that Naples is indeed one of the best places to be on our dear planet right now? Our city is not only a constant member of the top five wealthiest & healthiest American cities ‘Ivy League’, but apparently, it is a terrific vacation spot for the entire family!

So buckle your seatbelts and join us for this astonishing joyride as we cruise around the sandy beaches and historic neighborhoods! Let’s explore together whether this beautiful holiday resort truly meets the requirements of a family-friendly hotspot! Our real estate agents in Naples FL will also give you a helping hand in discovering the hottest and trendiest tourist destinations!

Target tourist groups in Naples

Located in the southwestern region of the Sunshine State, the city of Naples holds the county seat of Collier County and figures as a principal city of the Naples-Marco Island, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area. The town enjoys various advantages in its geographical location and climate. In a nutshell, it is ideal for everyone! Naples experiences a tropical savanna climate, and it is regularly frost-free.

You would believe the primary target audience of Naples in terms of tourism would be the younger generation keen on partying. The city, however, targeted the older generation close to retirement as their most important target. Consequently, Naples assumed more of a chillout atmosphere with a good sense of community. Residents stick together and help out one another. Kids are playing safely in the streets since parents are vigilant. In addition, notice how much emphasis they place on the traditional look of specific neighborhoods with floral ornaments surrounding homes.

Nevertheless, they did not neglect families as visitors either. As a result, they provide quite a colorful range of interactive activities, so every age group will definitely find something to sink their teeth in.

Ideal and not-so-perfect periods to visit Naples

Although the weather is pure awesomeness throughout the whole year, we would still recommend visiting Naples in the period between March and May. Simply put, daytime temperatures are perfect for the beach or the golf course at an average of 80 Fahrenheit.

Due to its tropical savanna weather, Naples faces extreme seasonal alterations in monthly rainfall. It’s no secret that there is no such season in which you can entirely avoid rain in Naples. Having this in mind the most rain falls during the 31 days around June 25. Furthermore, December is the coldest month with 77°F, with zero chances to snow.

Get ready for a family beach vacation!

Now, we go on holiday with our family essentially for the younger ones to have the time of their lives. But let’s not forget about our spouse! They should also have at least a decent amount of fun.

The fabulous local community has created endless day-by-day things to do in Naples, Florida, for a week on Florida’s Paradise Coast!

No kidding, the countless and seemingly never-ending miles of pristine sand beaches will sweep you off your feet! Explore offshore islands with unique fauna and flora! There is a vivid variety of year-round attractions to satisfy your family’s interests and likes. On the beaches, they didn’t forget where most of the laughter came from. Take a look at the most popular kids’ programs!

  • Wander in the Naples Botanical Garden and explore rare and exotic flowers and plants!
  • Stroll through the Naples Zoo, and participate in a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, such as Reptile Encounter, Primate Expedition Cruise, Giraffe Feeding, Seated Safari, Species Spotlight, and many others!
  • Get wet on the sailing expedition on the Dolphin Explorer!
  • Next stop: the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary! Dig into this 13,000-acre Preserve and find nature unharmed! It embraces a “2.25-mile boardwalk, which meanders through pine Flatwoods, wet prairie, around a marsh, and finally into the largest old growth Bald Cypress forest in North America”. Take photos with plenty of alligators, otters, white-tailed deer, red-bellied turtles, wading, and singing birds. Don’t miss the legendary Painted Bunting!
  • Your kids will just adore the Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples, and so will you! They showcase authentic and interactive exhibits providing kids with exciting education, games, science, inventions, space exploration, art, crafts. The enthusiastic staff will engage children in creating and building new gadgets. In addition, they also offer sensory and child development. Moreover, kids can ‘live’ and experience life in an igloo. As a result, in a day’s worth of meticulously planned adventures, they can walk in the shoes of farmers, fishers, artists, architects, or vets.
  • The golf craze in Naples is beyond limits! Immerse yourself in this pleasure at Coral Cay Adventure Golf. Organizers designed this park considering all ages. The much fun establishment displays a leafy, tropical-themed mini-golf course with waterfalls, caves & ponds.
  • Leave no stone unturned! Go for a hike, boating, camping, kayaking, or canoeing in the Everglades National Park. The Everglades region embraces a nearby location perfect for watching exotic birds on your journey.
  • Take a refreshing walk in Clam Pass Beach Park, a smooth park spotlighting an unparalleled diversity of plants and wildlife, a beach, a boardwalk & more.
  • Back to nature, back to water! The Rookery Bay Reserve sets up various kayaking and boating experiences for your family to truly enjoy nature.

Too much nature and too little shopping? Visit Fifth Avenue South Shopping District in the downtown area of Naples! While on a shopping spree, you can also admire a refined combination of historical and modern architecture at the same time. The shopping district hosts high-end fashion and jewelry boutiques, spas, artwork, and entertainment venues.

Worthy appraisal for a child-friendly vacation resort

So is Naples, Florida, a happy place for families? Our answer is unambiguously affirmative! The present report of the city’s sightseeings was just a mere guideline for you to create an impression. Explore Naples, Florida, and experience its kid-friendly vibes! No one will leave grouchy at this holiday resort!

After so many exhausting programs, we can promise you that your children will sleep like babies!

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