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August 27, 2021

How To Write Post on Blog for Blogger With SEO

How To Write Post on Blog for Blogger With SEO

New bloggers see high traffic and select keywords and use the same. Trust me your post will never rank. You see how much is that keyword competition.

How To Write Post on Blog for Blogger With SEO
How To Write Post on Blog for Blogger With SEO

The higher the volume of the keyword, the higher the competition. If you understand this line of mine, then you will definitely be successful in keyword research. The more work the volume of the keyword is, the easier it will be to estimate its competition.

1. Post Title
When we are done doing keyword research, then we also put the same keyword in the post title on which target keyword you want to rank the post. But if the target’s competition is still looking very high, then it will be right to use only low competition keywords as the main keywords.

To write the best title for your article, definitely read our article on how to write the post title because you will get a lot of benefit from it.

2. Permalink
Whatever is the URL of our post, it is necessary to use the main keyword there. Always keep in mind that never put stop words like (am,is,are,on) in the post permalink.

Also, never use such words in the post permalink which ever needs to be changed. The shorter the URL, the better.

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3. Meta Description
On the basis of which you plan to rank the post, put those keywords in the description of your post.

The point to be noted here is that keeping in mind only Google, do not write the description in such a way that it does not make any sense, rather write it in such a way that people cannot remain without opening the post as soon as they see it.

To know how to write the best and attractive description in your post, definitely read our article How to Write Meta Description.

4. Keyword Density
It is very important to use the right number of keywords in the right place inside the post. Using keywords over and over again is called keyword stuffing.

By doing this, Google will not give ranking but will drop it down in the ranking. That is why use as few keywords as possible. Make sure to use keywords in the first paragraph and last paragraph.

Apart from this, definitely use keywords in the heading and use the keywords inside the content as per the requirement. Use them as naturally as possible, do not forcefully use them anywhere.


Never let the density exceed 2.5%. This means that if you are writing a post of 1000 words, then you can use your keyword 25 times, but if I believe, keep it between 1.5%-2.5%.

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5. Proper use of Headings( H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6)
Be sure to use your chosen focus phrase in the heading. Whenever you write your post, do not use H1 because the title of the post is H1, so use H2, H3, H4… etc.

If you know about the LSI keyword, then also know that LSI must be used in Heading 3 also.

6. Image Optimization
Image optimization is very important for 2 things.

First of all, its size should be less because the higher the size of the image, it will increase the loading time of the page, so compress the image and insert it and also use your keyword in the alt attribute in the image.

7. Internal Linking
You must also add the link of the post related to the post you are writing so that it is easy for people to understand the topic. With this visitors will read your other posts and you can increase user engagement.

Also, it is very important for other posts as well, which helps Google in ranking for that.

By adding a link to a new post in the post which is already ranked, it can also be easily ranked without creating any backlink i.e. even having zero backlink.

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8. External Linking
Must add at least one external link that represents that topic. And he can get information from there for reference. How To Write Post on Blog for Blogger With SEO

9. Page Speed
According to Google, if a page is taking more than 3 seconds to load, then it is very difficult to rank that page. Use good and light weight fast theme in your website which makes load time work.

You should use cloud hosting for good speed like Digital Ocean, Linode etc because their plans start from $5 which is in budget for a Hindi blogger. How To Write Post on Blog

10. Social Signals
Do share your post on social sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. The ranking of these social sites is very good, when any visitor comes from there, it gives a positive signal to Google for that post, which improves the ranking of that post.

11. Attaching a related video
Make a good video on the post because nowadays people like to watch videos more than reading. With this, you can explain the same topic through video to people who do not like to read much.

Off-Page SEO
After publishing the post, the method that we use to rank it i.e. optimization techniques, we call it Off-Page SEO. How To Write Post on Blog for Blogger With SEO

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In Off-Page Optimization we do Search Engine Submission, Web Directory Submission, Social Media Sites, Discussion Forums, Blog Commenting, Backlinks Creation and Guest Post.

Now that you have learned about Search Engine Optimization, then you must have understood its importance that why it is important.

We can use these automatic keywords as long-tail. How To Write Post on Blog for Blogger With SEO

Practical Example:

Suppose I have a special and greeting website and we want to write a post on Happy Birthday Wishes. So if we write a post here only on this keyword, then it will be very difficult to rank the post because the search volume is very high on it and the competition is equally tough.

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