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March 11, 2022

Guide to Use Facebook Video Ads for Marketing

Businesses may advertise on Facebook in a variety of ways. Facebook users like watching videos. Businesses have the power to advertise to billions of Facebook users every month. Using video advertisements as a marketing tool gives companies the freedom to show off their unique personalities while also connecting with consumers emotionally.


Facebook video advertising has proven to be one of the most successful forms available to advertisers. Knowing how to make scroll-stopping, engaging Facebook video ads can help any marketer become more competitive on the site almost immediately. As a starting point for your work with Facebook video ads, we’ve compiled this quick-start guide for your convenience.

  • Get Engaged Quickly

Audiences need to be drawn into your videos within the first 3 seconds since that is about the amount of time it takes for them to decide whether or not to see the full advertisement. Most people will likely scroll through your content if they aren’t immediately captivated.


So, leave the suspense to Hollywood and start making your commercials attractive right now! Three-thirds of individuals report stopping scrolling when they see a logo or brand they like, and brand references within the first 3 seconds are linked to higher conversion rates.


You can maximise your video ad’s return on investment if your brand is easily accessible. Furthermore, consumers remember ads that get the idea through in the first 5 seconds far better. As a result, be certain that your message is unambiguous.

  • Create Ads Without Sound

If you’ve ever seen a video on Facebook without sound, you know what I’m talking about. Even if it’s in the privacy of your own home, many individuals use their news feeds to pass the time on their commute, at a restaurant or other public setting, or even during a mental break at work.

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Sound is typically inappropriate in these situations, and people are lazy. Consequently, the chances of people seeing a Facebook video ad while wearing headphones are limited. Your video doesn’t make sense if you don’t have any sound playing? Include captions!


Facebook video ad creator allows you to add subtitles to your videos due to the growing awareness that sound might be a problem or people might not be using it on Facebook..

  • Optimise for Mobile Users

On a smartphone rather than a PC, people are more likely to view a video every day. Viewers claim mobile videos are easier to focus on, which may explain why mobile-first creative outperforms non-mobile video advertising. Despite this, you still have a few more choices.


You mustn’t spend the first 3 seconds of your video selling a call to action; otherwise, your brand will be presented poorly, and interest will be wane. Plus, you haven’t persuaded your audience of anything at that moment.


You might also use Lead Ads to collect information on mobile. When a Lead Ad is clicked, it directs consumers to a contact form inside Facebook that has most of their information already filled in, rather than running them to a homepage on the website where they must fill everything in.

  • Put Your CTAs in the Middle

If you’re using your Facebook video ads to encourage consumers to perform a specific action, be sure you advertise it in the middle of the video. Put your CTA at the start of the ad, and you’ll miss out on a chance to draw in your viewers right from the beginning.

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You mustn’t spend the first 3 seconds of your video selling a call to action; otherwise, your brand will be presented poorly, and interest will be wane. In addition, you haven’t persuaded your audience of anything at that moment in time.


To avoid missing out on viewers who stop watching midway through your Facebook video ad’s CTA, you should place it nearer the beginning. By positioning your Facebook video CTA in the middle of the video, you may catch an audience that’s already interested in your ad while they’re still watching.

  • Engage Viewers With Video Poll Ads

Facebook now provides interactive polling stickers similar to those seen on Instagram for video advertisements. You may immediately communicate with your audience by using polling stickers. You ask questions, and they respond. This interaction invites audience participation by posing a question.


As a bonus, it gives you details about who you’re trying to reach. On social media, interactive components such as poll stickers are pretty popular. 63% of consumers questioned said they’d used a brand’s sticker, and 60% of companies on Instagram utilise some form of interactive feature like poll stickers.


Poll stickers like this one encourage people to participate in the discourse and serve as a focus group for getting input on the topic.

  • Retargeting Your Video Audience

To put it another way, when someone visits your website or sees one of your advertisements, your retargeting ads are immediately shown to that person. To retarget individuals who have viewed one of your video advertisements, you may build a Facebook Custom Audience.

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It familiarises the viewer with the product and makes them more inclined to click on the next video ad that you run. Using retargeting for video advertisements is effective as people who view your ad have shown an interest in what you have to say.


You may then display them more advertising based on their current interests. Facebook tracks those who watch the whole video or a significant portion of it. Ads that are retargeted using this method are more likely to be clicked on, increasing Target’s return on marketing investment.

  • Ad Title and Description Optimization

Last but not least, you need a compelling title and description that explains what the viewer may anticipate. Make sure to add any keywords related to your ad in the title and description of your ad to provide information about the subject of your video to Facebook’s targeting algorithms.


As you write your material, remember that not all titles are made equal and are current. Some are just more appealing to the eye than others. The frequency with which different famous words appear in the titles of Facebook videos is shown in a bar graph.


The words at the top of the chart were the most often used, while those at the bottom were the least frequently used. If you want to increase the number of people who watch your Facebook videos, you must make them curious enough to keep them glued to the screen.

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Wrapping Up

We hope you find our guide on setting up Facebook Video Ads helpful. The most effective advertisements appeal to human emotions, and video is an excellent platform for doing so. If you want people to watch your Facebook video ads in the news feed, you need to make them appear more natural and less like advertisements.


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