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Down Hot Tubs – Where to Begin So, you got a used hot tub – Now what?

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I overhear it all the time: “My mother just got an innovative hot tub and provided me their old one”, or “I bought a house that has a hot tub on the yard”. If you have had a hot tub before, you maybe recognize what to do to get the spa up and consecutively, but if not, your head may be turning.


In the case of a family member’s used hot tub, you may have a logic of the tubs history, and its state. In the most other cases, all bets are off – you don’t know if it’s well or if it’s a Junker.


Let’s dive into what you should do when you collect an original to your spa.


Planning the Spa

If you just bought a house with a spa, no fears, continue on to the next segment. If the spa is new to the property, you’re going to have to arrangement an area for the spa to live and take power to that location.


Finding a home to stick your spa is full of tasks you may not even understand yet. That’s okay, here’s a great source for setting up a spa.


The Hasty Check

Now that your spa has a home and power, a few rapid check-ups will give you an improved idea of what you’re in for.

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First thing’s first, fill the spa to 3” past the uppermost jet (excluding neck jets). What you’re looking for here are any clear leaks, so root around in the filing cabinet a bit and see what you can see. No water soaked down there? Great – moving on…

Now the spa is filled, power it up. The topside control keypad should start presenting information directly. If you’re not acquainted with spas, take a note of what’s being displayed, then check to see if any of the codes are error codes.

Once any error codes have been determined, look under the tub once more for leaks. In specific, pay attention to the pump and any drains attached to the ticker.

Now, note the temperature of the spa water. Come back in an hour or two and see if the hotness has amplified. If not, you may have heater or circuit board problems to troubleshoot.

Take an upright hard expression at the spa cover. Probabilities are you’ll need to change it, but you might luck out. In calculation to inspecting the outer skin for rips, tears and weakening, look for drenched foam, or foam that sags, as these are definite signs that the protection is toast.

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Now that all is look tip top, it’s time to clean the spa. You don’t want to soak in who sees what germs and bacteria the preceding owners left in the spa.

It’s important to cleanse the cover, filters, spa shell and water system. Here is a great source for decontamination.


Fill, Balance & Clean the Water

In conclusion, you’re ready, all your productiveness has paid off. It’s time to do the final seal of the spa.


You’ll want to have all of your balance, sanitizing and shocking products at the complete, plus a brand-new filter(s). Balancing and cleaning the water is honestly upfront, but you’ll need to make sure you do it suitably. You don’t want to harm your powered equipment or undo any of the work you’ve even done.


The old quote, never look a gift horse in the mouth. If you wind up with a hot tub for at all motive, we’re here to help. From chemicals to get your water just right to practical advice and troubleshooting, we do it all. Just shoot us an E-Mail, give us a call, or comment below with all your fiery hot tub questions.


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