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February 14, 2021

Best Caravan Interior Design Tips

If you’re a caravan manufacturer, caravan refurbisher or simply want to renovate or decorate your own caravan, you’ll no doubt be looking for some handy ideas on the subject. After all, a caravan is either a temporary or permanent living space, so just like a home, it’ll want to be decorated so it looks and feels its best for the occupants.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some handy interior design tips for caravans that will transform a caravan into a home.

Create a Sense Of Space

One thing a caravan inherently lacks is space. By design, they are compact living spaces that attempt to take advantage of available space at every opportunity. While this is important, it’s just as important to try and create a sense of space so the caravan doesn’t feel cluttered and claustrophobic.

One way to ensure there is a sense of space is to downsize the furniture. Keeping clutter to a minimum is also necessary to open up a small space.

One piece of furniture that invariably takes up a lot of space inside a caravan is the dining table. A table that is collapsible and perhaps serves a dual purpose is definitely the way to go.

Pay Attention To The Colour Scheme

If you deck out a caravan’s interior in predominantly darker colours, it’ll not only seem smaller, but could feel a little depressing. Lighter colour schemes will create that sense of space talked about above, as well as imparting a more positive atmosphere inside the caravan.

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When it comes to things like caravan upholstery fabric for seats and couches, you’ll really be spoilt for choice. This is a good thing, as you can use caravan fabric to either blend in with your overall colour scheme, or as a contrasting colour that really stands out and makes an impact.

Texture is also something you’ll want to consider when choosing both the colours and materials for the interior design of your caravan, particularly when it comes to upholstery fabrics, curtains and blinds.

Interior Lighting Really Sets the Tone

If the caravan is being renovated, it’s time to remove those old drab lights and install something more modern, sophisticated and appealing. Lighting is not just about being able to see in the dark, it’s also about creating ambience and a cosy atmosphere.

Lighting is an area where you can get very creative. You’ll want to install lighting that’s both functional and lighting that creates a certain mood. Intense white light is not recommended inside a caravan. Go with cool, low-light options for the most part, such as low voltage LED lights. If you want to take things up a notch, you could even install coloured lighting in the bedroom.

There really are no limits when it comes to caravan lighting, so let your imagination run wild on this one.

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Big Windows Bring the Outdoors Indoors

During the daytime, large windows allow loads of natural light into the caravan. This adds to creating a sense of a larger space, while at the same time offering more panoramic views of the scenery while the occupants are travelling.

There’s no point taking a caravan on journeys to scenic locations if you can’t see the scenery from within. Installing large windows throughout the caravan allows the occupants to really open it up to the outside world, making every adventure that much more special and memorable.

Add a Touch Of Nature With Indoor Plants

In the family home, the majority of people will include at least a few indoor plants when it comes to interior decorating. There’s no reason why a caravan cannot be decorated with some small, attractive indoor plants as well. A hint of nature really changes the mood and vibe inside a caravan in a positive way.

Caravans won’t need a lot of plants to make a difference. Even just 2 or 3 in select areas can change the overall look of the interior. Search online for ideas regarding low-maintenance plants for caravans and RVs.

The Wrap

There are loads of fantastic ideas you can apply when designing the interior of a caravan. While space might be limited, your imagination is not.

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