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August 29, 2021

5 Easy Steps to Prepare Kratom Tea At Home


Kratom trees grow in the tropics of Southeast Asia, the Philippines, and New Guinea. It’s indigenous to these areas, and the natives there either chew, chop or brew the leaves to make tea. Kratom has a myriad of benefits, and it may help with fatigue and stamina.


Kratom has all these benefits thanks to two active compounds in its chemical makeup—7-a-hydro mitragynine and mitragynine. These two chemical compounds, known as alkaloids, interact with the brain’s opioid receptors and may help promote cognitive function and focus.


Kratom tea is among the most popular ways to consume Kratom, especially in the United States. The Kratom tea was traditionally brewed using dried Kratom leaves, which remains the same to the present day. Other users also report brewing Kratom tea in powder form. The preference is up to you. 

Maeng da green vein kratom

To prepare a Kratom tea, you need the following:


  • Kettle
  • Water
  • Kratom powder, or dried leaves
  • Sugar, honey, or milk
  • Spoon
  • Strainer


Below are some easy steps on how to make Kratom infused tea at home.

  1. Use the Right Dose


This is arguably the most crucial step of the process  – determine the correct dose. If you’re new to Kratom as a supplement, beginning with Kratom tea is an excellent way for you to enjoy the benefits it has to offer, but subtly. You must use the correct dose for your body to enjoy the full effects. A serving of about 2.4 grams will do just fine if you’re a newbie. 


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Additionally, don’t go over two doses in 24 hours. As a rule of thumb, start slow if you’re new to Kratom, note the changes to your body, and if you feel you can handle more, go for it. There have been reports of increased drug dependency and drug abuse, especially around Kratom in Europe and the United States, but it’s still legal in the latter. One thing is sure with Kratom use, though; its effects are best felt when consumed in small doses.

  1. Kratom Tea Is Best Served With Hot Water, Not Boiling


Alkaloids, the active chemical compounds in Kratom, cannot function appropriately in extremely high temperatures. They are stable in high temperatures, but they’ll lose their power when it goes up to the extremities. 




In addition to that, you should not boil Kratom leaves or powder directly in a pan or pour boiling water from a kettle on them. It’s best to use water that has been boiled, then the left to cool slightly, or just hot water that is yet to reach the boiling point to make your cup of Kratom tea.

  1. Add an Acid


The alkaloids in Kratom contain nitrogen. Although they’re primarily stable, if exposed to extremely high temperatures for an extended period, the compounds can denature and become less potent within your brew.


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To combat this, adding an acidic ingredient like apple cider vinegar or lemon can help buffer the reaction that contributes to the breakdown of the alkaloids compounds. Apart from that, it will add a refreshing zing to your tea as well.

  1. Use a Sweetener


Kratom may have many benefits for you, but its taste is very bitter. Most people find the taste of Kratom to be very unpalatable and use the “toss and wash” method to take it. This is throwing Kratom powder very quickly into your mouth and washing it down with some water.

This method is somewhat inefficient because you have to consume it several times in a similar manner to reach the daily recommended dose. It being chalky will stick to the top of your mouth and leave a bitterness lingering in your palate throughout your day.


When you make Kratom tea, you could consider adding a sweetener of your choice to mask the bitterness. There is a number to select from, such as honey, maple syrup, sugar, or agave juice. You could also add other flavorings like citrus zest, cinnamon, or ginger to mask its flavor.




You should also note that the more water you add while making your Kratom tea, the less intense its bitter flavor. However, this will dilute it to an extent where you have to drink the entire cup to receive the same benefits as your regular dose.

  1. Stir It Thoroughly and Ensureit’s Mixed in Well


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If you’re using Kratom powder to prepare your tea, you will discover that some of the powder will settle in clumps at the bottom of your cup, and this may make your drink unappetizing. To have a smooth, well-mixed tea, you must stir in the powder thoroughly. You can use a small whisk to break up the clumps of powder.




If you’re using dried leaves, however, you’ll need to strain them out. A regular filter will do the job perfectly. Also, you may need to strain it a couple of times for the perfect smooth drink.



Kratom is a great way to promote your general well-being, improve your focus and get a motivated lifestyle altogether. Hopefully, these steps will assure your success when you brew your first cup of Kratom tea. There are numerous recipes of Kratom tea out there, do your research, and don’t be afraid to experiment here and there to get the best cup of tea for you.


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