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December 5, 2021

Why You Should Be More Mindful of Your Carbon Footprint

After years and years of humans polluting the environment, this planet is starting to reach its breaking point with ice caps melting in the north and record-breaking temperatures being picked up by scientists worldwide.

We should reconsider how we treat our planet because we only have one. Furthermore, we as inhabitants should be more mindful of the harmful effects we cause. Fortunately, helping won’t require you to make too much effort because small changes can work wonders in cutting down our carbon footprint.

Carbon emissions

Today, vehicles have become more common than ever. Most people own one or more cars and use them to drive to their offices, homes, and almost everywhere. Although the innovations and advancements in vehicles have been huge, the harmful greenhouse gases they release into the atmosphere cannot be ignored.

Instead of driving to work, why not commute using the train, bus, or subway? Aside from helping the environment, it is also a way to cut down on costs and stay healthy. Another way to lessen carbon emissions is through carpooling. Imagine how much fewer carbon emissions there would be if you transported 2 to 4 people instead of just 1.


Recycling may seem like a chore to most. However, it can also help keep our environment safe to live in. For instance, plastic is one of the most harmful materials to our environment because it takes a long time to be broken down. And since most plastic is just thrown into the ocean, some animals ingest it and die. This is why we as humans should be responsible for our actions. To promote recycling, you can contact companies like Langley Recycling if you need help getting started.

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Doing simple things like segregating your garbage and throwing the right garbage collection for the day will help. In addition, most governments are starting to implement ways to help reduce the effects of pollution, so we as citizens should do our best to follow these preemptive measures. Such actions will help prevent further harm to the environment.

Another contributor to pollution is the factories that mass produce products. You may be aware that many companies are known to dump chemical waste into the ocean. When this happens, the water becomes polluted, and the ecosystems built in these oceans start to die off. Another example would be the companies involved in the fashion industry, which add to the already large pile of textile waste we produce each year.

Pollution is not something to be taken for granted because it is a real issue in today’s society. So, doing simple deeds such as throwing your trash in the right place will work wonders for the future.


The changing climate comes as no surprise because we have been harming our environment for too long. More and more animals are being marked as endangered species. Besides this, farmers have difficulty growing crops due to the droughts that have become increasingly common in the previous years due to the continually rising climate.

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The past years have seen more and more wildfires due to the sheer intensity of the heat our planet is enduring. Furthermore, deforestation becoming progressively rampant adds to our already scorching planet. This happens because trees take in the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. But due to illegal logging, the shortage of trees, and the excess of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the planet continues to get hotter and hotter.


Our world is continually changing, and to adapt to it, we must take measures that require us to actively prevent further damage. Sometimes it may seem hopeless, but it is possible if every one of us cooperates to work together. For example, doing small deeds such as segregating trash may seem like it doesn’t help the problem to most people. But when it is mainstreamed, more and more people do it, positively impacting nature.

As citizens of the world, we must do whatever it takes to keep our only home safe from the destruction we have brought. By becoming aware of the damage we have caused, we are already getting closer to fixing the problem. After that, the next step would be to make a conscious decision to vote against the choice that is more harmful to the environment. Yes, sometimes it may be harder to remember simple things like bringing an eco-bag every time you go to the grocery store, but it is one choice that can help the environment.

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Our responsibility as citizens of the Earth is to take care of it and all the different species within. We only have one world, which is why we should do a better job at taking care of it and the different ecosystems that can be found within.


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