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June 23, 2021

When you require help from an AC company Jacksonville FL?

Having a healthy air conditioner and living in a cold place has become a habit for most of us. Comfort and cool have become handy and easy that even a single day without it becomes miserable. Everything in a place goes well until the air conditioner gets repaired.

The system that fails to work properly causes discomfort and everything that occurs next will fail due to the lack of peace. Many factors can affect the performance of the air conditioner which causes it to fail. Having a reliable AC company Jacksonville FL can avoid many potential air conditioner problems. Listed below are the top six factors which affect the performance of the unit.


Experiencing very poor airflow from the air conditioner is also a result of many factors. Having a dirty air filter not cleaned or replaced long ago, having a dirty condenser coil, or having obstructed coils could affect the airflow badly. This is why it is always recommended to have air conditioning maintenance services scheduled often.

Having a regular maintenance service scheduled enables the unit to be clean and healthy since the technician hired will make sure every part and component of the air conditioner are clean and perfect for a healthy operation.

Life of the air conditioner:

It is universal that the normal life period of an air conditioner ranges from ten to fifteen years. Any air conditioner crossing this life period could be the one that is best maintained and performed. As the air conditioner ages, the performance of the unit is also affected.

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Using the unit over time, the efficiency must be boosted up every year at least to have a long-lasting air conditioner. If you are having a very old air conditioner then the efficiency will be affected and as the year passes, it requires a replacement.

Air leakage:

Air leakages are very common issues that affect the performance of the air conditioner easily. As the air leaks outside, the place will not be sufficiently cooled and thus the air conditioner has to work harder than usual to provide the normal efficiency.

Thus the performance and efficiency of the unit will be badly affected. Having gaps or holes in windows and doors could cause air leaks from the place. Having a cracked roof, broken pipes, or gaps in ducts can also cause air leaks affecting the performance and efficiency of the air conditioner. Make sure to schedule regular service to avoid such issues and troubles.

Size of the air conditioner: 

Did you know that the size of your air conditioner can also affect its performance? Having a large air conditioner will cool the place very quickly and thus will have too often turn on and off-cycle leading to the efficiency of the unit getting quickly affected.

Having a very small air conditioner will not be sufficient to cool the place completely no matter how long it runs and thus the utility bills are increased with affected efficiency due to continuous running. Make sure to measure the place to be cooled and then choose the right air conditioner best suitable for the place.

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Poor maintenance: 

It is recommended by almost every technician and professionals to schedule an annual maintenance service every year. With this maintenance service, the performance of the unit is increased with the increased efficiency ratings. Higher the energy-saving capacity, the utility bills are also reduced with maintenance service.

It is also ensured in maintenance that every coils and filter are clean and clear with the optimum refrigerant level and with cleaned air ducts. Thus with regular air conditioning services Jacksonville FL every year, the performance is boosted up.


Many times, people blame the air conditioner for all the troubles, but the real trouble-causing element being the thermostat. When there is insufficient cooling in the place, make sure to check the thermostat before calling a professional. A defective thermostat can also cause troubles in turning on and off or by not offering the optimum performance.

Thus one must have the best local experts to check all the issues and troubles in an air conditioner for better performance and efficiency. Weather Engineers are one of the best professionals offering the best service. Call 904-478-9605 for more information.


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