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November 15, 2020

What Kind of Shoes Do Doctors Wear in Hospitals?

Are you a doctor or a physician? Or do you want to know what kind of shoes do doctors wear for daily work?

Doctors do the most demanding job of servicing people. Only a doctor’s shoes know how much endurance and pressure they have to go throughout a day, sometimes both day and night.

A doctor’s shoes impact much in daily activities as the most time of duty goes by standing on foot. Here we will let you know about the types and properties of the shoe ideal for medical professionals.

Let’s know.

What Kind of Shoes Do Doctors Wear with Scrubs or without Scrubs?

Doctors need some extras in shoes, but this does not mean that they can’t choose from the usual shoe brands or types. There are many good brands offering shoes for doctors and nurses. If you need, check some comfortable operating room shoes that can win up the pleasure.

However, not all regular running shoes will be best for walking, especially in hospitals. So, let’s see the features and properties that should be in the doctor’s shoes.

 comfortable operating room shoes

Comfortability is the First Priority

For medical professionals, comfortable shoes are on top of their choice. If the shoe insole is not flexible, wearing them for the whole time standing gets tougher.  In this feature, the Dansko shoes give the best.

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However, if the shoe insole is removable, what can be a better option than this. You can replace the insole with a new one instead of making time for buying another new pair.

Waterproof Shoes Are Necessary

If you are a doctor or surgeon regularly attending operations, then bodily liquids are the frequent face for your shoes. So, the waterproof or water-resistance feature is a must for the doctors or shoes for nursing.

Besides, another benefit of water-resistant shoes is you don’t need to take off your shoes to dry or wait for a whole day for its drying. Waterproof shoes help you by saving your time to attend patients.

Breathable Shoe for Long Time Wearing

The shoes that can benefit your feet with enough airflow is a must.  When you are wearing shoes for a long time, the sweat or stiffness can result in fungus or pain in your feet. So, shoes that have a proper ventilation system with fine material are a good option.

You have to work all day long standing with your shoes so sweat can make you or your surroundings uncomfortable. A breathable shoe can help you stay clean and fresh.

Some of the Merrell shoes are so good with proper airflow in feet. And the best part is Merrell shoes are machine washable.

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Lightweight Feature is Considerable

Many want to know what are the best shoes for female doctors as females look for some classy and stylish outfits. A lightweight featured shoe is essential for a doctor.

The lightweight feature can help you must to concentrate on your duty- as this makes you feel no additional load on foot. The tiring work by standing spontaneously makes the feet heavy enough to move. Somehow if your shoes are also heavy, then what can be worse than this?

So, doctors need as much lightweight shoes as possible to walk and work freely without taking a load of shoes in mind. After returning home, you will not have to face the critical pain on your feet.

Supportive Arch to Avoid Pain

A well-supported arch in shoes is crucial. A long time of standing and walking can cause Planter fascitis issue on foot. And that can be a painful time to go through.

So, a properly balanced arch can maintain proper support not only on the heel but the rest. Our feet bear the entire weight of the body while on feet. For the doctor, this support has to be sturdy enough.

The shoes with proper arch support can help to avoid such pain on the back or feet. OOFOS brand makes such good shoes with a fine arch.

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Non-Slip-able Shoes for Better Grip

We all know about the hospital floors-very slippery. In this case, regular and continuous walking can lead to slip indeed. And doctors in the hospital remain in walking from emergency to OT most often.

So, doctors need shoes that can provide proper grip on floors. Shoes with rubbery outsole can be beneficial here much. Some shoes also come with the HSE(Health and Safety Executive) rating for the shoe grip ability.

The rating is provided from 1 to 5 stars, where 3 or 4 stars do the maximum and best. 5 star rated for grip in shoes can be useful in the proper grip but hazardous to walk in non-slippery floors.

Durable Shoes for Long Lifespan

Doctors’ shoe plays a vital role in their daily work. But this does not indicate to buy shoes frequently. Doctors must look for the shoes that are perfect for the medical profession and hospital environment.

Yes, you can go for the well-designed shoes but with top-class material. Doctors’ shoes may have to go with thousands of steps in a day. So, shoes should be durable and made from high-quality stuff that runs for a longer period.

A poor quality shoe with a greater outlook not only costs your money by wearing within months but waste your time too.

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Clogs Shoes Especially for the Surgeons

Clog shoes are another special and user-friendly shoes for doctors and surgeons. Most doctors prefer them for the easily removable feature to rest the feet sometimes.

Besides, clog shoes come with an open back that many doctors find comfortable and handy. Many female doctors seem to prefer clogs for the classiness and trendy design available nowadays.

Lace-Up or Velcro Strap System

Lace-up feature in shoes is preferable for firmly securing the shoes with feet. This feature is quite common in corporate workers, let alone medical professionals.

Many doctors literally like to have lace-up shoes to avoid the slipping issue and the comfortable wear also. On the other hand, some likely to have velcro shoes.

Velcro shoes help to avoid tying the lace and tightening them. This type of shoe is relatively easy to wear and take-off.  Fo the doctors who are always in a hurry for the patient’s visit, a velcro strap system in shoes can help them save their time wearing shoes.

Orthopedic Shoes for Additional Comfort

Some aged doctors like to have orthopedic shoes mostly because they are rich in supportive shoe soles and flexible features.

On-duty doctors and physicians face a long tiring time standing on their feet. This can lead to severe knee pain or back pain. There are quite well-branded orthopedic shoes that provide comfortable wear and support to the shoes.

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Final Words

Many people fall in thought about what kind of shoes do doctors wear with scrubs. Well, any well-branded shoes with the quality features mentioned above finely go with the scrubs. You can choose sneakers or loafers, or even clogs shoes that comfort you the best as a doctor.

But the shoes should be well supportive, flexible, and durable enough to give you the support and carry your body weight for a more extended period.


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