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August 24, 2021

Five Factors To Consider When Hiring A Wedding Limo Service

A wedding limo service can make the difference between an unfulfilled dream
wedding and a reality that you are excited to get started with. While the cost of
wedding limousine services can vary depending on the specific kind of vehicle
you are hiring, your location, and the quantity of hours you will be spending on
the wedding day, the typical bride in the United States spends more than seven
thousand dollars on her wedding transportation. This figure includes all of the
various expenses that go along with a wedding. From invitations and wedding
favors to the cost of wedding limo rentals and transportation, there are a lot of
different expenses that come into play. Let’s take a look at some of these
expenses to give some perspective to how much wedding limo rentals cost:

Entrance fees:

Entrance fees. While most limos these days come with doors that open outward,
some brides still prefer to drive their limos to the ceremony. If you opt for this
option, be sure to set up a payment system with the limousine company so you
can pay with plastic or debit cards. Also be sure to read all of the details in the
contract. Some limos will charge you a fee each time you enter and exit the
limousine, but it is better to know up front before you make the final decision.Wedding limo service charges a lot for the start of the party. When you book
your wedding transportation, inquire about the rates and what you will have to
pay for. While it can be cheaper if you pick up and drop off guests at the same
place, this service may be worth the extra cash if you have a party of several
hundred people. It costs less to just hire six cars and everyone gets a ride
home, so the total wedding transportation cost is a little less overall.

Limo service:

Champagne for the wedding limo service. Although most limousines come with
drinks and champagne, you should ask your bridal party what kind they would
like to have during the reception. Many chauffeurs offer special options for the
most popular liquors, so don’t hesitate to ask what you want to be served.
Wedding limo service and wedding buses are not the same thing. While wedding
buses are typically chartered to transport the bridal party and groomsmen to the
ceremony, a wedding limo service generally provides transportation for the
entire wedding party. The bus usually has waiters or a bar and is equipped for
holding more people than the typical limousine. You may need to provide your
own refreshments though, so make sure you book the limousines in advance. A
few companies also offer wine samplers so you can have wine delivered to your
wedding limo service

Weeding venue:

Customizing your wedding limo services. If you have a particular idea for the
wedding venue, colors, flowers, table settings, etc., make sure the company you
hire offers that type of flexibility. Many limousine services have set vehicle
configurations that include specific types of seating, so if you have your heart
set on having an open bar at your reception, you will need to find out before
hand how they will accommodate your party with alcohol. Many wedding limo
services also offer other customizable options, such as music, dancing, and
even a photo booth.
The final factor, you want to consider is the quality of the staff. Ideally, you’ll
choose a wedding limo service with a professional staff that is very well trained
and capable of making your special day run smoothly. If you’re hiring a bus just
for the fun aspect of the party, you don’t need to worry about things like
cleanliness and safety, but if you’re hiring a professional staff, you want to make
sure they know  their job well and have good customer service.

Services companies:

Some wedding limo service companies even offer special limo amenities, such as wireless
internet, iPod docking stations, and a real-stocked bar. These extras can help
make your special day even more enjoyable and can make your company’s
reputation even better.
Whether you are hiring bridal parties or corporate employees, limos and other
transportation services can make planning your big day easy. Just be sure you
look into all of the details before deciding on a specific limousine company, and
ensure that you are well prepared when it comes time to pick your transportation
from the lot. That way, you can focus on planning the ceremony and getting
ready for the wedding instead of getting stuck in traffic or trying to coordinate a
taxi, which can be just as stressful.
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