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December 4, 2020

Want to propose to your beloved! Say it all with flowers

If you are planning to propose your soul mate, that means you are ready for it with your heart. Proposing someone is a big decision, preparing a proposal for your girl is even a bigger one. Flower Company is here to help you make your proposal memorable. 

When you are saying marry me! It seems dull. Be creative and make it awesome with flowers and other add on effects. The line of your proposal should be unique, full of love and devotion, you feel for your loved one. 

Connection of Flowers and Proposal for the beloved

The Flower Delivery Toronto understands the deep connection of flowers with your love and needs to say it through flowers as well. The flowers and proposal go way back and start the theme connection with the very beginning of the relationship. 

The flowers further nourish your relationship to blooming buds of love, care, trust and proposing for marriage. We can say that flowers have a lifelong role in a relationship. 

When you are happy, show it with flowers. Feeling sad or even if you are in the dog house, feel free to use beautiful flowers as ammunition. A bouquet of fresh blood-red rose flowers from Flower Delivery Toronto is the best option. 

Flowers and Proposal for the beloved

Say it all with Flowers!

Go online and search for the flowers which can relay your lovable proposal in the best way. There are many flowers which can be incorporated into your wedding proposal and can become special for you for life. 

Flowers have always been known to express love and admiration. There are 7 of the best love declaring flowers:

  1. Roses
  2. Carnations
  3. Stargazer Lilies
  4. Daisies
  5. Sunflower
  6. Orchids
  7. Tulips

Try something different for your proposal with flowers 

  • Journey to the mysterious spot: As a couple, one always has a favourite hobby of doing something together. Use that for taking your lover on a journey to the mysterious spot, as a surprise. 


  •  Select a spot perfect for your proposal, surrounded by the trees. 
  • Use flowers to create a canopy along with soft fabrics.
  •  Use some batteries for lighting the place with the fluorescent bulbs. Give it a heavenly look. 
  • Take your person on the spot and pretend to be surprised. 
  • When unaware, bend down and go forward with the largest bouquet you like and take out the ring. 

Please Visit Me: To organize something for a special someone, like a proposal of a marriage, it’s never easy. Make it unique with the please visit my theme. 


  • Ask your family with a little intervention and prepare them with the necessary accessories for your special day. 
  • Call your love of life and put a request for please visit me. Put a person to follow, who will keep you updated of the whereabouts. 
  • On-time of proposal keep the driveway clear and house empty. Just decorate a single room, an unexpected one. 

Use flowers and flowers to prepare the room for your life decision. Do what you feel good and put your proposal on display, on the wall of flowers. It will be yes for sure!

Flower Hunt Proposal Game: If you are one of those couples who love to play games, try this one. The Flower Hunt game is the best thing ever. 


  • Write all the clues of your proposal hunt and select the places best for them.
  •  The clues can be ‘ favourite mug’ and place a flower where the said mug is. 
  • Connect all the clues and lead your beloved to the place where they least expected. 
  • Put a bouquet with a ring on the clue card. Be ready for the screaming! We want to hear from you. 

Make the game exciting with something fun if you like. Flower Delivery Toronto has a beautiful collection of proposal bouquets and gift ideas. 

Balloons and petals: Bursting balloons for fun is always exciting. Creating something similar to using flowers will make your proposal heavenly.


  •  Fill a room with Balloons of your colour choice. Fill the crown inside the balloons with petals. 
  • Prepare questions or puzzles for the beloved to be proposed. 
  • Ask them to stand below each balloon one by one and ask questions, burst balloons. 
  • Shower them with petals with each answer. Flower Delivery Toronto has a wide range of flowers to choose from. 
  • When the beloved one is below the balloon of big questions, surprise them with puzzling questions and red rose petals showering above. 
  • Make it the most memorable day and 
  • tell your kids about the stories too.
  • Just Another Day: If you want your beloved to be truly shocked and surprised. Just follow the pattern of any other day. Do things you do as a couple normally. But leave hints ( little gifts). 


  • Take little trinkets, that reminds you of the memories you cherish as couples. Buy them. 
  • Pack them in small, cute boxes. And wrap them with beautiful paper and tags. 
  • Write something different on the tag to keep her confused yet surprised and excited at the same. 
  • Keep the pattern going for a few days.
  • On the day of the proposal, decorate the living room of your house with lots of love, flowers. 
  • Let her walk in the room and be ready to get her in your arms. 
  • Seek help from friends and family, if needed. Especially to record the moments. 

Anything can be Beautiful just pour your heart in it

If you have a short budget and cannot go all out for the time being, do not hesitate. You can make anything perfect and beautiful by pouring your heart in the task. The above ideas are not very expensive. You can add any detail according to your taste, it is up to you. 

Extra Accessories that can be used to decorate 

  • Candles
  • Stuff toys
  • Trendy baskets 
  • Cake
  • Drinks
  • Picnic arrangements


Flower Delivery Toronto has always inspired the customer to follow their heart and choose wisely. Nothing can be perfect unless you want it too. Follow your heart and flowers, the purity and softness of flowers can never be a failure. They blossom from buds to big and beautiful flowers and put smiles everywhere. 

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