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Unwind in Dubai: How to Relax and Destress After a Busy Work Week

How to Relax and Destress After a Busy Work Week - Unwind in Dubai: How to Relax and Destress After a Busy Work Week


Ah, Dubai.

Called the City of Gold, this populous city is a place where career and business opportunities abound. This is probably why people who live here initially decided to do so for work.

But focusing solely on these things can be a tad overwhelming, if not quite stressful. In many cases, people who focus only on growing in this aspect of their life feel significantly more tired and may end up failing in the endeavour they are too focused on.

This is the very reason why you need to find time to relax.

If you’ve been having a hard time coming up with the perfect recipe for relaxation, here are a few of ideas to help you unwind in Dubai:

1.   Go to the mall for more than shopping.

Retail therapy is a stress-relief method that plenty of people use, be it consciously or not. It entails buying something for yourself to help boost your mood whenever you’re feeling down.

This concept of alternative stress-relief therapy focuses on the idea that when someone is feeling stressed, they tend to shop differently – the same way people crave sweets to feel better.

That means the simplest way to pamper yourself is to head to the mall and pick out some nice treats for yourself.

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Of course, malls aren’t just for shopping. Some of them also offer shows that can help you relax and get into the weekend mood. IMAGINE Dubai is one such show.


IMAGINE is a record-breaking attraction in Dubai Festival City that offers a one-of-a-kind sensory experience which has caught the attention of the Guinness World Records.

Known for its spectacular choreography and storytelling, IMAGINE Dubai combines light, fire, and water into an extraordinary visual treat. Holding the record for the world’s biggest permanent projection and water-screen projection, it will give you the kind of entertainment that will help you take your mind off of things and get you started on a relaxing weekend.

2.   Get pampered.

Besides going to the mall, another straightforward way to relax and destress from a hard week’s work is to get pampered. Though this might mean different things for different people, in most cases, it refers to a visit to the spa.

From massage parlours to vitality spas, you have a wide variety of options out there.

If you’re into more instant relaxation, massage therapy is the way to go. You can pick a type of massage that suits you or just let your therapist guide you through the process.

You may also choose a more holistic approach, like what they offer at Zoya Health and Wellbeing Resort.

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Zoya Health and Wellbeing Resort

There are very few other establishments that offer what Zoya can give you. Focusing on the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of their guests, this spa resort is a great place not only to relax but also to reset your body and mind for the coming weeks ahead.

Their holistic approach makes it possible for you to know specifics about your health through an in-depth health retreat and develop wellness plans carefully tailored just for you. As a bonus, they will also let you enjoy leisure activities and even play golf.

3.   Take a hike.

Sometimes, all it takes to unwind and get rid of that weight on your shoulders is to go out for a walk. It’s even better if you go on a hike closer to nature, breathe fresh air, and explore the world outside your office or computer.

A good choice for a balance of exploration and relaxation is Hatta.


Considered Dubai’s largest park, Hatta is a famous destination for hikers with various experience and skill levels. This is because the place has a total of 17 hiking routes, each varying in difficulty.

Nestled between the Hajar Mountains, Hatta has both peaks and troughs that make it the perfect stomping grounds for anyone looking to let off some steam. The winding wadis near the Omani border also have a good balance of sharp rocks and sandy flats, making it a peaceful trail to conquer.

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There are plenty of adventures in Hatta for your destressing needs. There’s so much on offer that you may not be able to tick all of them off your list in a single day. Consider scheduling a series of excursions – possibly weekend trips – to help you get a much-needed respite from busy work weeks.

4.   Be one with nature.

Living in a highly urbanised city such as Dubai can be a bit overwhelming at times. Add to that a stressful week at work, and you might just find yourself wishing you were somewhere closer to Mother Nature.

The good news is, you could be. Dubai has plenty of natural wonders to behold and relaxing adventures to embark on. The only thing left is for you to choose.

Below is a list of some awesome nature-themed destinations you can try on your weekend relaxation spree:

Al Qudra Lakes

Just 48 kilometres from Dubai, the Al Qudra Lake could be a popular spot for birdwatching, with roughly 130 species of birds visiting the area. Of course, it can also be a place where you can camp out, relax, tell campfire tales, and cook up some delicious do-it-yourself barbecue on a long weekend.

Fossil Rock

Another famous Dubai camping site is Fossil Rock, a place where you can find both fossilised and living wildlife. Archaeologists believe that the fossils here came from the Hajar mountains formed some 70 million years ago.

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Fossil Rock is also considered the “cradle of civilisation,” thanks to its proximity to archaeological sites dating back from the Palaeolithic, Neolithic, Bronze, and Iron ages to pre-Islamic, Islamic, and modern times.

What’s more, there’s a 10-kilometre loop trail with a scenic view that is commonly used for hiking and running.

Whether you relax with knowledge about ancient times or by sweating it out, this destination is the perfect place for you.

Sir Bani Yas Island

Are you looking for a place to check out the local wildlife in Dubai? Sir Bani Yas Island is the perfect place for you to glimpse cheetahs, hyenas, giraffes, gazelles, and oryxes. Just remember that you will have to stay at a resort to enjoy the desert safari here.

Unwind in Dubai

The hustle and bustle of Dubai is wonderful, but sometimes, you just need a break from it. Fortunately, the UAE’s second most populous city is also filled with relaxing destinations that help you destress.

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