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July 29, 2021

Top Rakhi Types With Their Meaning

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most celebrated occasions in India that falls every year on the full moon day during the month of Shravan. It is joyously marked by not only Indians but all Hindus worldwide. This happy occasion is mainly popular for standing for the strong rock bond between brothers and sisters that no force of the universe can ever dare to break. It is the time of the year when siblings prefer to spend some quality time in each other’s company. Sisters extensively focus on starting the celebration by having a cool bath in the morning, worshipping Lord Ganesha, the giver of happiness and prosperity, tying a trendy rakhi close to the wrist of their male siblings and serving them with their delightful meals, including freshly prepared sweets. They prepare for shopping for items such as pooja thalis, gorgeous clothes, beautiful rakis and much more that often play a crucial role in heightening the spirit of celebration. Holy threads often form an integral part of the annual festivity, without which it does not seem to be complete in itself. This write-up has a list of a few trendy rakhi and their meaning that can be discussed as follows.

Rudraksha Rakhi:

This is one of the most famous sacred bands of today’s date and the most beautiful one. It is often said to have originated from the teardrops of Lord Shiva because of which most people regard such bands to be especially high in auspicious value. Good quality rakhis from this segment are proven to ensure luck, health, prosperity and financial success. Not only this, but they are also mostly powered to provide stability of body and calmness of mind to your brother that you have always wanted. The latest variants among them are closely associated with optimum protection, mythical and divine superpowers. All you need to be very sure about is their quality and purity, as not all of them are equal in terms of natural property. Please make a point to ask your rakhi store owner about the source of his products as this is one of the most prominent factors that clearly explains how good they are. A professional store owner would hardly find it in telling you about the source of his products. If you cannot find a reliable raki outlet in your area, then do not make any delay in ordering an online rakhi through a popular rakhi portal that would hardly leave any scope for you to go wrong.

Sacred threads of this type signify several positive things like concentration and freedom that makes them the first choice of everyone.

Give your male sibling strong reasons to get closer to you in style during the upcoming celebratory occasion.

Gold Rakhi:

Can anyone disapprove of the popularity of gold rakhis? Most probably none. Although they have hit the market a few years back, they are gaining increasing popularity among men among all the age groups, including those with a very high taste because of their gold standard. Being made with one of the most precious metals, they are often linked with love, courage, luxury and passion.

The best thing about these sacred threads is that they can be easily worn throughout the year without any second thought and go especially well with all kinds of outfits without any hassle. Help your brother take his lifestyle to an entirely new level by presenting with a premium quality rakhi from this segment.

Ganesha Rakhi:

If you want to wish your brother good luck and a bright future ahead, then the best way for you is to present her with brightly colored Ganesha rakhi that is mainly famous for eliminating all the obstructions coming in the way of the grand success of your brother, in addition, to stand for an entirely new beginning. Think about pairing such a holy thread with a pack of ladoos made with desi ghee for adding an extra edge to the festivity. As the name suggests, they are featured with a small to a medium-sized model of Lord Ganesha at the front. Take your time to select the most suitable one for you. Take into consideration the taste and preferences of your recipient. If you have come to know from a reliable place that they have a very high taste, then you may have to pick something extra special for them. On the other hand, if they have average tastes, something moderately creative would work for you. If you are settled far away from your beloved brother, miss the golden opportunity to send rakhi to U.S.A. that he will surely like and appreciate the most.

Surprise your brother with a precise customized sacred thread that perfectly goes with his personality., 

Hope you will get to know about different types of rakhis from the points mentioned above and would be able to make the proper selection accordingly.

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