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August 20, 2021

Top picks for men’s ready to wear from the summer journal

The ever-changing trends in the fashion industry make it difficult for the ordinary man to keep up with the latest styles and designs. However, some styles stay in for quite some time as they are unique and timeless. So here is a quick tour of all the latest and timeless designs for boys’ shalwar kameez style that you can wear any time of the year.

Plain kurta and Pyjama suit

If you want to keep your dressing on the minimal side yet look sleek and handsome, then a straight cut kurta and Pyjama suit is your thing. A straight kurta Pyjama looks great on men giving them a lean and slender look. Colors such as beige, lilac, ice blue, pink, mint green are ideal for the summer season. So if you are planning to buy a readymade shalwar kameez, you must look out for these colors. Light and vivid colors intensify the overall appearance of whoever wears it. Moreover, lighter tones are always a great choice for the summers as they absorb less heat.

Traditional Shalwar Kameez options

A decent ready to wear menswear shalwar kameez suit always keeps the traditions alive. But the question remains, what style or cut one should opt for summers to stay fresh and still look their best. With several leading brands in the market and a price range of all kinds, it often gets tricky to pick and choose a shalwar kameez suit for yourself.

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If you are in the search of one of the best kurta brands in Lahore then big names like Pasha Fabrics, Lawrencepur, Dynasty Fabrics, Cambridge, Uniworth etc. are great options for you to consider. All of them have got a huge variety of both stitched and unstitched fabric in traditional eastern wear.

What to choose?

It’s always pretty confusing, whether you should purchase unstitched fabric for your shalwar kameez suit or go for stitched shirts. If you find the option of getting the unstitched fabric stitched from your tailor convenient for yourself then you may stick to this option. However, in some cases, a lot of guys don’t find the time to do so because of the busy routine they are stuck in. So the best shalwar kameez option is to go for pret wear of your choice. With readymade kurtas and shalwar kameez suits, you will save a lot of time. However, when prices are compared, a pret wear shirt is relatively more in price than an unstitched one. This is because it also includes the price for stitching, the material itself, and other overheads.

So choose your fabric or kurta wisely and see what suits you and your pocket.

Where to shop

Some men prefer to wear ready to wear menswear. You will find many options of designers and shops that offer unique designs, prints, and cuts. Shalwar kameez shops such as Junaid Jamshed, Khaadi, Sapphire, Gul Ahmed, Dynasty Fabrics, Pasha Fabrics, and others have multiple branches across the nation. They have a variety of unstitched and stitched clothes for men with multiple types of fabrics featured in their ready to wear men section. You can find straight-cut kurtas, plain as well as embroidered shalwar kameez suits as per your choice. With a vast range of colors, from light tones to dark hues, to pastel shades and many more you can now make your wardrobe a colorful one this summer season.

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Designer wear options

The brands mentioned above also specialize in fancy looking and formal shalwar kameez, kurta Pyjama and sherwanis. However if one is looking for custom designs and fancy work, you might want to refer to some classic designers.

Then there are some high-end designers such as Fahad Hussain, Ali Xeeshan, Amir Adnan, Deepak Parwani etc. who provide custom designs of shalwar kameez, kurta Pyjama and sherwanis on order. Their forte is fancy formal wear which is fit for events like weddings. So if you plan to get a designer ready to wear men suit, kurta or sherwani with some fancy touch, then these are your go-to places. However, before doing so, do your research of which designer to go to as they charge hefty amounts. Therefore setting your budget is important in this case. Moreover, you should also do a little homework on the current designs and color combinations that are in this summer season.

Online shopping done right

All immerging brands in Pakistan are diligently working on their e-commerce platform for customers to have a smooth online clothes shopping experience. With multiple fashion designers and other clothing brands in Pakistan offering everything on their websites, it has become a lot easier to buy clothes for men and even the latest boy’s shalwar kameez style at any time.

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Online shopping saves a lot of time and adds a lot of convenience to your lifestyle. You can receive yours and the little one’s boy dress shalwar kameez while sitting at home in just a matter of few days. Therefore you don’t need to step out in the scorching heat of Lahore and bargain with the shopkeeper for just a few rupees.


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