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November 16, 2021

Tips for Smoking Cigars Indoors

It is the winter season and all of us enjoy being cozy indoors. We also love to indulge in our Cohiba cigars indoors in this chilly weather because going outside to smoke is just not that satisfying. But there’s one problem that all of us have to deal with- the smell of the cigars that linger for a very long time.

The smell is completely unpleasant and unhealthy. To make matters worse, it sticks to everything and no one likes to have their hair and clothes always smell like cigarettes. The real question is: How can we smoke in our rooms without them smelling like cigars?

There are several ways you can smoke indoors without the lingering smell during and after smoking. Here are five tips on how to hide cigar smell (or other cigarette smell) indoors.

The first four tips on how to hide indoor smoking are simple, but the smell of indoor smoking cannot be completely corrected with them. Only an air purifier (even if you have an ashtray full of cigarette butts) can completely hide the smell of smoke.

Open The Windows

You probably already know this because opening the windows is the most obvious thing to do while and after smoking a cigar. If you smoke cigars inside the house but don’t like the smell at all, simply open the home windows. Opening the home windows will create an exchange of indoor and outdoor air.

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A major portion of the cigar smell will be aired out through the home windows without difficulty so always remember to have proper ventilation by opening all the windows.

Push a wet towel under the door.

This is useful for hiding cigar smoke as well as the smell from your parents or your wife. You can trap yourself in a room, but you can’t actually trap the smoke in the room.

When ignited very strongly, the smoke will inevitably find an opening under the door and escape from it. A simple trick is to push something under the door. You can use socks, T-shirts, and even books. However, a wet towel is your best option. No type of textile that slides under the door can stop cigar smoke 100% but a wet towel can.

Ventilation openings need to be closed

The role of all indoor vents is to circulate the air. Even in the living room, if you smoke in the room, the smoke will fill up immediately. Of course, you don’t want all the smoke to circulate through your home’s ventilation system.

When managing your home (dads tend to have this most important power), it’s easy to turn off ventilation. If you want to prevent the smell of cigarettes from escaping the room and from covering and spreading in the entire house, you need to access this switch to turn off the ventilation.

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Use candles and fragrances

The last bit of a not-so-good idea to hide the smell of cigars indoors is masking it with another strong smell. You can use anything that smells to do this. Candles, oils, sprays, perfumes, etc. Hell, you can even burn a steak just to hide the smell of cigarette smoke.

But one thing to keep in mind is that cigar-related smoke and smell tend to last longer than other odors. After an hour, it doesn’t smell of burning candles, but it can tell you that someone is smoking inside or has smoked inside a room.

Use an air purifier to smoke indoors (it works 100% of the time).

We agree that some of these above-mentioned methods of removing the odor of smoking indoor do not have 100 percent effects. One thing that has undeniable effects is an air purifier.

An air purifier is basically a fan that pushes the air out of the room through a series of filters. These filters remove dust particles, pollen, molds, house dust mites, and much more. It is of utmost importance to know that it removes both 4,444 solid smoke particles. The HEPA filter catches them. It also removes the smell of gaseous smoke.

With an air purifier, you don’t have to smoke by the window with the window open. Simply turn on the air purifier and it will literally inhale smoke, purify the air and expel fresh air. No one will notice that you smoked in your room.

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With these ideas, you are good to go ahead and smoke indoors in winters or anytime you don’t want to go outside and have a smoke from the comfort of your couch or bed. Go ahead and buy the best Cuban cigars online in India today to spend the chilly weather in a cozy mood. Cigar prices in India range from affordable to expensive and you can get your hands on almost any type of cigar easily.


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