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July 8, 2021

Tips for AC Repair Buffalo, NY!

Even the thought of air conditioner repair will make one shiver down the spine. These repairs are indeed expensive and no amount of DIY or tutorial work, as it demands only help from the professionals from AC repair Buffalo, NY.

Since the repairing work is a costly affair, you must assure to take all necessary measures and schedule regular maintenance. There are times when you can avoid costly repairs when in truth, the issue can be a minor one that can be solved by yourself.

Most often, the unit may not work for simple reasons like a tripped breaker, wrong temperature setting, and so on. Before you rush to call the technicians, just do a quick inspection so that you do not end up spending a huge amount of money just for a simple visit.

Air Conditioner Repairing Tips

Before you start with your panic attack and rush to call the experts for help, check out the below things.

  • Check the Breaker

If your air conditioner does not turn on, even after many attempts, then check the breaker if it has tripped. At times, when many appliances work at the same time, the breaker may trip because of overload. And when the breaker trips, the air conditioner will not work. Checking the breaker for trips will help you avoid embarrassment and also save money that is due for the technician’s visit.

  • Change or Clean the Filter

The air conditioner repairs can be easily avoided by regularly changing or cleaning the air filter. If the air filter is dirty, it will cause a clogging problem which will cause varied issues to the unit. It will cause low cooling efficiency and at times may also cause the system to ice up. All these problems can be easily avoided just by cleaning or replacing the air filter once a month.

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If the air conditioner gives out poor airflow, try cleaning the air filter and lookout for any improvements. If nothing seems to work, then getting help from the air conditioner repair Buffalo, NY, is the best option.

  • Examine the Thermostat

This is the most common mistake done by many homeowners. As soon as their AC starts to malfunction, they immediately call the professional for help. Although this is only suggestible, checking and inspecting on your side is also a smart move. See if the batteries for the unit need replacement.

Check whether the settings in the thermostat are rightly set as at times, the kids or the adults accidentally set the temperature wrong. The temperature must also be set lower than the room temperature and should not be set to the fan mode. Quick checking of the right thermostat setting may help you save from calling the professionals.

  • Melt the Ice

If there is any ice formation on the unit, it will not work properly. The best and simple method is to melt the ice. Turn off the system and let it run on the fan mode. This will help to melt the ice easily and quickly. You can also just switch off the unit and the ice will melt by itself.

  • Examine the Ducts

If you can climb the attic, then check out the duct to see whether the air is coming out of it properly. If the ducts are dirty, then it will block the free flow of air. clean the duct and see for any difference. Also, see whether the register is open, because, many times, homeowners close the register for some reason.

  • Give a Good Cleaning

When the system becomes too dirty, it will automatically lose its efficiency and will also not work properly. The only thing the system may need is cleaning instead of repairing. Put on your cleaning suit and start cleaning the system.

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Start with the fan blades and clear off any dust or debris that has collected in them. Then proceed to clean the air filters and condenser fins. Remove all kinds of obstructions near the outdoor unit. Be very cautious while cleaning the blades as they will easily break or bend.

The above are a few steps to try before you call the professionals for help. But if nothing works, then schedule an appointment with Smart Home Heating & Cooling for the best repairing job. Call 716-219-0779 for more information.


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