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May 5, 2021

Things You Should Consider When Selecting A Retirement Village

Demand for retirement villages in Australia continues to increase following a rise in people over 65 of age. Depending on your budget, you can select from a vast range of accommodation options and facilities offered in retirement villages in Brisbane. Most retirement villages have their establishment close to an aged care facility to provide an easy transition when need arises.

Retirement villages feature private accommodation and facilities such as pools, libraries, and meeting rooms. They are shared with the other members of the community. Community organizations, such as ethnic or religious associations and commercial operators run retirement villages to generate profit.

A Retirement Village

What To Put Into Consideration

When selecting the right place for your retirement days, ensure you find a residence that aligns with your values, supports your wellbeing, and provides you access to the surrounding social amenities.

Location – You will want to live in a convenient home location where you can easily access your family, support links, and friends. Ensure your home location is in a place with easy access to public facilities such as supermarkets, shops, schools, churches, hospitals, and public transport.

Healthcare – The healthcare available on-site should be able to provide you their services 24/7. During your retirement you require special care; therefore, you should ensure you are close to a professional healthcare provider to check your physical, psychological, and mental health.

Accommodation – There are different types of retirement villages, and your selection depends on the size of your entire household. Ensure you select a residence that can accommodate your family and friends 

Facilities – Make sure the retirement village you select offers you shared facilities for your recreational activities. Facilities to look for include plenty of comfy seating, a communal hub for family events, a heated spa, and pools. Ensure you select a retirement village that suits your lifestyle and offers you a sense of enjoyment by fostering a sense of community via social events, interest groups, and activities.

Security – You will want to spend your retirement days in a safe and secure environment as you enjoy peace of mind. Thorough research will help you know how safe the location of the resident you choose is. Ensure your home and properties are safe with technological security enhancement tools to keep off intruders and burglars.

Care support – An ideal retirement village should provide you with high-quality laundry, cleaning, grooming, and showering services. 

The Procedure of Signing a Retirement Village Contract

A retirement village contract outlines the rights and responsibilities of a resident in a retirement village. There are several agreements that you are required to sign. Therefore, it is recommendable to look carefully at the rules of the retirement village you intend to select. According to the legal action, a retirement village should:

Use standard layout and content in retirement village contracts in ensuring they are easy to understand and compare. The content should include a basic set of rights and responsibilities of owners, managers, and residents.

The approved form should contain an expanded pre-contract disclosure statement to those who intend to sign a contract. It should help understand the cost of moving, living, and leaving these units.

Allow the inspection of various documents held by the operator, including the village`s site plan by the prospective residents.

The owner`s agent should provide you a copy of the contract at least 21 days before signing it. The retirement village operator should also ensure they offer you other documents such as disclosure statements, by-laws of the village and an agreement to abide by them, a contract relating to services the operator gives, and other payment agreements.

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