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November 29, 2020

Things you should consider when moving by yourself

Moving by yourself for the first time is a unique experience. Independence can be fun, but it can also be very scary. If you are about to take that first step towards your freedom here are some good pieces of advice for you.

Moving from your parents’ house involves not only physical, but also emotional, mental, and economic change. Feeling self-sufficient it’s not enough; it is necessary to have economic solvency, good administration, and the ability to cope with multiple responsibilities.

Therefore, before you jump into independence, you have to ask yourself:

Am I ready?

First of all, keep in mind that you may wanna move from your parents’ house seeking freedom, but freedom can be lonely sometimes, and if you’re close to mom and dad, you may miss them from now and then, and that’s okay. That can be solved by visiting them more often, but remember, there are other issues that you will have to solve by yourself.

Be aware of the fact that unexpected things will happen. Sometimes you’ll need money you won’t have to solve them (like when a lock is broken, an essential electronic, etc.) and other times you’ll have to turn to your wit and personality to find a solution (like when problems arise with neighbors). The only way to successfully face these events is to be prepared and willing to do so, but if you are already overwhelmed by the mere thought of them, consider leaving independence for later.

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If you’re thinking about moving, you need savings. Moving is expensive because of transportation, arranging, and buying furniture. If you really want independence, start saving now.

If you think you’re ready, the next question you should ask yourself is:

Things you should consider when moving by yourself

Where am I going to live?

The place you choose to live depends basically on two factors: money and distances. You should look for a place that suits your economic status, that is also close to your work and place of study. Sometimes both factors cannot be conjugated, so you should see which one is more important according to your situation.

For many young people, it’s almost impossible to rent a house by themselves, so you should consider moving in with a friend, classmate, or work colleague. Maybe you meet someone who already lives alone and has extra space, talk to them about being their roomie. If that’s not possible, talk to a friend you trust or your partner to rent something together.

What do I need to live?

Once you have the place where you’re going to live, it’s time to make a list of what you’ll need in your new home. Your biggest problem is probably money, and then, perhaps, space.

Keep in mind that the comfort you had in your parents’ house is in the past. Now you’ll go through a period where you’ll live with the basics until your economy stabilizes.

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You probably inherited some furniture from the house you lived in before, but if it’s not enough to cover your needs, here’s a list of the basic furniture you’ll need before moving in:

Refrigerator: You don’t want your food to spoil. To keep food fresh and have cold drinks, this is the first thing your home will need.

Stove or microwave: You’ll need a place to make your food so you don’t eat out every day.

Bed and mattress: for some, it is even a luxury to have a bed for moving, but what you will need yes or yes is a mattress to sleep on.

Other furniture, such as the cloakroom, tables, and chairs, closets, television, etc., can wait. With time you will be able to buy them or they will give them to you.

How will I handle the move?

You may think this is the last thing to consider, but actually, is really important. The move itself will be the step in which you’ll need to assure the safety of your stuff or else you’ll waste a lot of money.

You must hire a moving service in advance. See which service is best for you according to what you need to transport considering your budget. Hire your favorite at least 15 days ahead.

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When packing for your move, do it room by room. Mark the boxes to know what they contain so you don’t have to open them to discover it. If you have any furniture to disassemble, usually, the moving company you hire can do it for you, but if you’re doing it yourself, consider taking pictures of the assembled furniture so you can have a reference of how the pieces should go.

As you pack things, make a list of the items you’ll be moving, and reserve a box for items you’ll need for the first few days, to keep them close and handy. Unpacking and organizing take some time.

Visit your new home in advance and make sure that you have all the basic services: electricity, water, gas, etc.

On the day of the move, take cash with you. You will have expenses that you can foresee and others that you cannot, so it is always convenient that you bring some money.


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