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March 7, 2021

The Ultimate Gaming Room Essentials Guide

Are you looking to design your perfect gaming room?

If you’re an avid gamer, then designing and playing in your own game room has likely been a dream of yours. The right games room, after all, can take the whole experience to another level. But if you’ve never set one up before, it can be hard to know what you’ll need.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read on for our guide to gaming room essentials, so you’ll get the perfect room for your needs.

Start With the Room Size and Layout

This is the first thing to consider when you first make the decision to convert your spare room to a games room. You can’t change the size or shape, so you need to work out how best to make the most of what you have.

Size is the most important factor of a game room, due to choosing the position of your gaming rig. There are no precise guidelines, but you can consider things like if the room is too big or too small.

If it’s too large, you’re going to have a lot of empty, wasted space to contend with. If it’s too small, it will feel cramped, uncomfortable and you might not fit in everything you want. The ideal situation is to have a medium to a large room. This gives you space to set up larger monitors or TVs, and install things like noise insulation. You’ll get the equipment you want, without feeling squashed in.

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Also, consider if you have family and friends who join you often for a gaming session. Will you have enough space for them to sit and be comfortable when they come over?

It’s best to measure out your room, and then use tape to mark off the areas where certain equipment will go. The squares, using the actual size of the equipment, will give you an idea of your end layout. You can then jig things around to make them fit more to your liking.

The setup will make or break your gaming experience, so it’s important to get it right. Your desk should be away from any windows to reduce glare, for example. Or you should cover them with high-quality curtains that mute any natural light.

Your Gaming Chair

You’ll be using this a lot, so a high-quality gaming chair is essential. Game room chairs take away the back pain that comes from spending hours on your favorite games. No matter how long you play for, that cozy, comfortable feeling will stay.

Gaming chairs come in any size, shape, and design too, with wide ranges of color options. So, you’re sure to find the perfect one to fit in with the design of your room. Whether that’s sleek, futuristic, or a pink gamer girl’s paradise.

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Your Gaming Desk

Your Gaming Desk

The next important piece of furniture is your desk. You need to have enough space to fit your monitors, and your (glowing) keyboard and mouse. The best gaming computers aren’t small after all! Online gaming stores like Legion PC’s have great options to choose from. You could make any large desk work, but it’s better to go for options designed for gaming.

For example, during long sessions, you’ll likely get hungry and thirsty. Keeping a drink right next to your mouse and keyboard is a very bad idea though. Most gaming desks have a compartment where you can place your drink, spillage free! No more fears of ruining all that expensive game room computer hardware.

A Soundbar

Another of the gaming essentials at the top of the list is a soundbar. They’re cheap and compact, providing brilliant audio quality. They’re especially great if you’re tight on space and won’t have room for a large home audio system.

Cable management is easier too as they have less of them. You can also get soundbars that work on a wide variety of hardware, from smartphones to laptops. Bluetooth allows you to use them across all your devices as and when you need to.


A big way in which games set the mood for the player is via sound. From dialog and advancement to enhancing the atmosphere, the sound is vital.

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It’s typical to expect gaming rooms to be noisy due to this reason. Even if the gamer is wearing headphones, they’ll often scream with happiness or rage.

To hide these noises, then consider covering the room with soundproofing. Installing soundproofs also improves the quality of the sound inside the room. You can figure out how to install them yourself if you’re handy, or you can call in a professional.

Some popular options for this are to add soundproofs to the ceiling and walls. Then, inside structures, using insulating foam or drywall. You can also use carpet, thick drapery, and acoustic panels.

TV Stand

For console or multi-platform gamers, a TV stand is essential. You need somewhere to put your TV, so it can always connect to your console. So, investing in a decent TV stand is well worth it.

You don’t need anything flashy or high-end, but one with compartments is a good idea. Shelves to store your consoles, without back panels are a great idea. It’ll make cable management easier.

A Universal Remote

If you have a smart TV, in particular, you might find yourself swamped with different remotes. In these cases, you can make life easier with a universal, multimedia remote. It will reduce clutter, and give you control of every device with the click of a single button.

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A Cable Organizer

When you have everything in place, you’ll likely notice the tangled network of cables. It can look messy and be a tripping hazard, so consider tidying up with a cable organizer.

It lets you conceal any visible cables, and prevent them from running around the floor by your desk. No more worrying about tripping and bringing your entire rig crashing down with you.

Charging Station

There’s nothing worse than your controllers running out of battery in the middle of a boss fight. To prevent this rage-inducing trauma, a charging station is vital for your gaming room.

If you’re a multi-console gamer don’t worry! You can even get charging stations that can handle different console controllers. They’ll all charge at the same time.

Extra Storage

If you want that sleek, simplistic gamer vibe, then storage for every little item is vital. Shelves and cupboards are essential for keeping a clean, fresh look.

Clutter will only become distracting and will make it harder to concentrate. Try to keep your desk clear and free of anything you don’t need to game.

If you’re like most hardcore gamers, your boxset and collecter’s editions are a badge of honor. You want to show them off and display them for the online world to see.

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A cabinet or system of shelving will allow you to display your cases, boxes, and statues with pride. It’ll give your gaming room that personal touch and flair you need too, to make it reflect your uniqueness.


To add more personality and make the room look right, you need to add in your lighting. The coolest option you can select is LED lights for gaming room.

They won’t only look nice, but they let you set whatever mood you want, with a full spectrum color choice. LED lights are popular with gamers as they bring the whole room to a new level. From fiery oranges and reds to funky pinks and purples, you have every color you could ever want.

Anti-Blue Light Protective Glasses

You might not think of these right away, but looking after your eyes is important. Especially if you’re looking at a screen for hours on end.

Anti-blue light glasses will help reduce eye strain and block out blue light too. This will help improve your sleep and stop any screen headaches. You’ll be free to enjoy your games for longer in comfort.

Wireless Router

Worse than your controller giving up the ghost mid-game is your connection starting to play up and give out. It’s an issue all gamers have experienced, usually at the worst possible moments.

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To help solve this issue though, you should consider adding a gaming router to your gaming room. They provide a better connection to devices like PCs and Consoles that need it more.

Decorative Touches

This step is optional and will depend on the look you want to create. If you want something futuristic, sleek, and minimalist, then you can skip this part.

For that extra personal touch, add posters or other merch from your favorite games. This will fill up any large blank wall space, or provide use for used areas in the room.

Gaming Room Essentials Made Easy

So, there you have it! Now you know these top gaming room essentials, you’re well on your way to the room of your dreams.

The most important thing to remember is to work with the space you’ve got. Measure the room and make sure you know where your essential furniture will go (desk, chair, storage, etc.). You want a comfortable space that will function how you need it to, as well as look good with all the latest equipment.

If you found this article helpful check out our other blog posts today!


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